DP’s Realistic Traffic v 0.1.5


This mod not only increases the density of the traffic but also changes its behaviour to create a busier and more fluid experience.

– Increased traffic in general, which creates a more realistic feel
– Traffic has less patience and safety for itself, merging into traffic a lot faster
– Queues that do build up are quicker to filter away

Changes from 0.1.4
– AI yield time and yield timeout tweaked. Helps further reduce jams.
– AI will use horn and flash lights sooner when needed.

Tested on version 1.24.x

Steam Workshop Link – http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=714317786

Authors: Dumbfounded Polymath, SCS


One thought on “DP’s Realistic Traffic v 0.1.5

  1. miaoumixed

    Thank you for this mod.


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