Drag Zone By Farzad Ghadiri


Tested : 1.26.X

Location : East Europe

For Fun And Need for Speed

❗️ Please Do not Reupload ❗️
Thank you ♥

Have Good time.

Farzad Ghadiri


13 thoughts on “Drag Zone By Farzad Ghadiri

  1. thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Do we need a DLC ??,

    1. EneaMaconi


    2. yeah
      need going east dlc

  3. what’s the use of this map ?

    1. speed !
      test power of your truck

  4. Better change the location of the drag zone because it overlap RusMap

  5. Can you please make a version for those that don’t have the Going East DLC? Thanks 🙂

  6. Sexyeyeeeeeeeee mapesh

  7. this+map+don’t+working+):

  8. Can you update for 1.27 please?

  9. Please update the map to version 1.27.Awesome map for speed testing!

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