Dragicevic Style skin for Scania S 1.1

This is a paintable skin heavily inspired by the Dragicevic Transport fleet (I don’t know what’s the name of this style of decals, Mighty Griffin perhaps?) Also compatible with Eugene’s Scania and its low-deck addons by Sogard3.

What has been changed in version 1.1?
– remade side decals from scratch (doesn’t look goofy anymore), added compatibility for the painted tanks from Sogard3’s low-deck addons.

Tested on 1.37.

Have fun! ?




7 thoughts on “Dragicevic Style skin for Scania S 1.1

  1. TheNuvolari

    Oh and there’s a metallic version too ?

  2. Matt_07ita

    Ciao thenuvolari,Mi insegneresti in poche parole come fare skin metalliche?

    1. TheNuvolari

      You can use this skin as example. The part you want to make metallic should be left transparent in the .dds file.

  3. Another great job!
    I really like this idea of skin inspired by real transport companies but without their logos 😉

    1. TheNuvolari

      So am I! Also it’s easier to recreate the real-life companies later reusing these skins ?

  4. Matt_07ita

    thenuvolari,non ho capito benissimo ma quindi il template deva essere in che senzo trasparente?

  5. is there any chance toy could this skin in white for scania streamline top line please plus with the griffin on the mirrors as well please

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