Drift Physic Mod


Mod Work for all Trucks!
Enjoy in Drifting!

Author: Stefag40


41 thoughts on “Drift Physic Mod

  1. Benny Bugge

    i feel the need.. the need for speed

  2. ridiculous this is not a simulator need for speed kid

    1. No sh*t watson, u figured it all out by urself??

  3. playstationmanrocks

    This + Snow Mod = :O

  4. biochazard

    why would anyone want this mod its useless !!!

    1. DT GAMING

      Some people want to have fun with there games. Its a shame ur one of those knobs who takes everything seriously

    2. aleksander

      for example. i am tired of driving a boring truck but like the idea of traffic, laws and a lot of europe to drive around in. i like to drift. downloaded a fast CAR i can drive ingame of high quality, and want to drift it. thats why. sorry your boring.

  5. Hipster truck drifters, because cars are too mainstream now.

  6. Sarkissian

    Excuse me, is this The Fast and the Furious???
    NO, I didn’t think so!
    It is Euro Truck Simulator 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Some people want to play the simulator like a simulator game and some want mods, and than they can drift and drive 180km/h. Its not your decision for him you know ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jesus, what a bunch of whiners! You are all 10 year old fanboys I take it, if you dont like the mod then just move on for god sake!

    Some people on here clearly have a bad habit of start whining as soon as mods is uploaded which they dont happen to like!

    1. Sarkissian

      I whine whenever I LIKE IT!!

      1. well i have an idea GET A JOB!!!

  8. ###??? I thought at ETS 2 IS TRUCK SIMULATION GAME !
    And not fkin FaF or NFS game !
    For modders who make these ###### mods to ETS 2 wich more should be in a race game, Not to ETS 2!
    Kids if you want play arcade and race game go and play that fkin Rig’n Roll!
    Geez …

    1. aleksander

      actually nfs is a arcade style end of racing games, its not drifting, it just looks like it due to there horrible physics system ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. First of all this is a nice mod.
    Ok now the second part.
    I would like to ask from the whiners” is your game going to be affected if someone is installing that and enyoing it”? ..
    Second of all- are u really that ignorant that u think everyone else have to like same things u do..well let me answer myself (seems like it)
    and third..if u see a mod named like this or that and u know ure not going to like this just scroll the f**ck down and find the mod u like it instead wasting ur pathetic time commenting bullshit about those mods.

    think thats all for now.PEACE!

  10. Well seems like u sir have been already elected

  11. Mak-Kyver

    I dont see txt “you must use this!” If you dont like dont use… so simple!

  12. I only pointed my pinion at about like these mods in ETS 2 wich IS Truck haulin simulator !

    And you are right Mak-Kyver:)

    I dont use mods like these and yes i dont like.

    Bless at no must use LOL

  13. I don’t like it, simply because its an Truck simulator game. But its very cool made, and guys. Stop crying, You dont have to use it! Creds for making it, pretty cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. let you drift while with a cargo, silly

    1. Well who says u have to drift with cargo.
      Just thinking about it is silly

  15. hello folks. i was wondering, what about creating a mod that is opposite than this. for example turn in any corner without drifting or skidding, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

    tire grip is like a formula One car.

    heh just a thought.

    1. Actually doesnt sound bad u sir got a great idea ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. DigitalVei

      You, sir… Deserve a medal.

  16. RealTruck

    that mod is out already , lol

    its called TRAIN SIMULATOR ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Freddy Jimmink

    I know if i don’t like i have nothing to say, but…….

    These kinds of mods tears down the good name of this site,

    These mods are made by stupidious people with totally no feeling for the REAL MEANING of Euro Truck Simulator!

    For the guys without a brain who make these mods: Go away! Leave our truck lovers do our game, Dร–N’T BORDER US WITH YOUR ###### CRAZY SH.T MODS! GO AWAY!

    I get 1 other thing ts say: Webmaster/admin, please ban these crazy, ###### mods from Your site please?


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. That’s pretty rich comming from a dude that makes skins for the kenworth depicting WHITE WALL TYRES in the screenshots ..

      LOL al capone’s kenworth is it ? LOL…

  18. jajaj que es esto hace de cuenta que estas jugando a collin macrae ! esto no va para este juego

  19. TooManyStupidPeople

    Why do you guys need to put a negative comment on this mod? THIS IS JUST FOR FUN!! IF YOU GUYS DON’T WANT THIS JUST DON’T FVCKING DOWNLOAD IT. IS THAT HARD FOR YOU GUYS? soooooooooooooooooomanyfvckingstupidpeople. PEACE :))

    1. De la Big guy

      Ofcourse we are not going download this ####

    2. faresets2

      i tottaly support you man great mod it fills my need for the speed
      why dont we just kill those whinning little bitches

  20. trucker richy

    These modders are great, they dont have to share their work with anyone if they dont wish to, but they do because they are being kind. So i suggest you at least be polite in your comments, or make a better mod yourselves. Less of the whiney 10 year old comments, if you dont like the mod, either give constructive comments, or move on.

  21. The least you can do when calling somebody ###### is use proper English.

    1. to you guys shut up!
      truck drift is simulation too, as normal truck driving
      now enjoy the #### mod :3
      hope it works on mine

  22. This is a great mod but is there another that stops the truck rolling? whenever i go round a corner at 200 it rolls, nothing wrong with the drifting but i want to drift fast! any ideas?

  23. faresets2

    go to hell man and dont forget to burn in there

  24. This works for Skoda ?

  25. which version

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