Drinks Trailer Pack


Hello guys! This is my first trailer pack which I have decided to upload as I’m new to skinning. A big thanks goes out to my friends Jiri and Matt for hrlping me test and design my skins. This trailer is a standalone and comes in 13 different skins including:

Irn Bru
Coca Cola
7 Up

And many more! All downloads and criticism are helpful as it will teach what to and what not to do. Thanks!


Skins-William. Idea for wheels- Jiri. Testing and skin ideas- Jiri and Matt


2 thoughts on “Drinks Trailer Pack

  1. howlingmad

    nice some more screens and vid would be nice

  2. Yeah man, I would but I was working against time so I didn’t take more. This is Matt’s pic, I can’t make a good quality video either lol

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