Drivable AI Mod, Jazzycat Traffic Pack Addon

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Always check if the uploader is ‘Noeny’

If the mod is anywhere else than ets2.lt ( Steam Workshop version will be added later, same for the SCS Forum ), then report the mod.

Mod is an add-on to the drivable ai mod in the steam workshop.
Mod adds the following:

Aston Martin Cygnet
Audi A2, Etron
Bentley Continental
Fiat Ducato ( skins included ) ( cargo variant included )
Ford Fiesta
Polonez 1500, aut plus, caro plus, kombi, truck plus
Porsche Cayenne 09, macan, panamera, taycan
Ram 1500 19
Renault Espace 4 5,
Rolls Royce cullinan, wraith
Saab 9000, 93 02, 93 08, 95
Seat Altea, arosa, ateca, ibiza, leon 03, leon 10, leon 12, leon 20, toledo3
Skoda Karoq, kodiaq, octavia 1, yeti
Smart for 2
Tesla 3, X
Tofas Kartal, sahin
VW Arteon, beetle, corrado, fox, golf 3, golf 4, golf 5, golf 6, golf 7, golf 8, jetta 5, lt, lupo, polo, scirocco, t4, t5, tiguan 17, up
Volvo 850, 940, C30, S60 04, S60 11, S60 19, S80, V40, V60, XC90 17
Zuk 11 ( different variants )

Selection is limited currently but more cars are added in future updates.
Comment if you want a specific vehicle added to the mod.

If you say a car brand to be added(exp: Audi ) then there is a chance that not all cars are there due to some hitboxes and such.

If the suggestion is not fulfilled, then it means that the car might not be in the traffic pack yet, which means it cannot get added.

The tires corresponding to the vehicles are in this mod as well, if the tire is not there, then it means that the tire is already in the base mod. If the tire is not found in the tires accessory, then it means that it wasn’t able to be added. Or that it had an inaccurate hitbox.

Some tires aren’t added yet from the vehicles in the mod, meaning it will get added in the next update ( likely )

The Mod Image is from the version that MightyBeno and Bosuball made.

This mod was inspired by a Steam Workshop Mod By ‘MightyBeno’ and ‘Bosuball’ that makes a few of the cars in the traffic pack drivable, but those cars weren’t quite to my liking.

Do NOT reupload to other sites!
Do NOT REEDIT the mod unless for personal use!

If you DO want to share the mod, send the original ets2.lt link!

You need the Ai Traffic Pack By Jazzycat for this to work! Or the game will crash when you select a chassis from the mod!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel! : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS4NnvV19Y6tZvpJEKFyxSg

Each person that subscribes will give me more motivation to keep working on this mod!



33 thoughts on “Drivable AI Mod, Jazzycat Traffic Pack Addon

  1. The steam workshop mod does not support the recent patches of the game, this add on for a broken mod will only work on prior game versions.. Use with 1.47 results in game crashing.

    1. I would try 1.46

    2. I’ll see if I can make it work on 1.47

      1. Please do!! it would mean so much, we all loved that mod i even tried to fix it but couldn’t find what was causing issues, i asked Bosuball if i could get permission to fix it and he said yes but i couldn’t fix it, so you’ve full permission to issue a fix it’d be amazing if you got this working with 1.47 it’s an amazing mod, maybe even improve upon it♥

        1. I’ll try what I can!

        2. I think the issue is that SCS Software changed the Ai files ( pmd, pmc, pmg, dds etc ), which might be what is causing missing textures on the cars or that they look glitched.

    3. Im not sure what is making problems for you, but maybe check you log file for errors, potentially it was a different mod because it was working fine for me in 1.47

      1. Nevermind I’m finding problems, will try to fix if I can

        1. squirell, are you able to extract the game’s files? It might be able to help me fix it. As I am not a windows user.

          1. I can extract the scs mod file but im unsure of what needs fixing within it.

    4. squirell, are you on steam?
      If so, can I add you so I can discuss with you about the drivable ai?

  2. The other comment here is correct, my steam workshop mod is outdated and isn’t supported anymore. Iv stopped working on it, if you try to use my mod it will crash your game.

    This user is using a pirated version of the game which is why it works for him and made the addon.

    1. The mod works fine if you try to use it in 1.46. The base ai cars have been reworked here and there by SCS Software in 1.47 I think, resulting in the glitches with the textures ( missing ), but if you try to use this mod, the cars in this mod should be fine. But since I am not on a windows computer, I can’t try to fix the mod, the only way I could fix it is if someone were to share the extracted version of the game files.

  3. Also are you talking about the base Drivable Ai mod that has problems?

    1. You need the base in order to use it lol, but yes Bosuball’s last ever version is broken in 1.47, so im hoping you can fix it and make it work maybe even improve it

  4. squirell, are you able to extract the game’s files? It might be able to help me fix it. As I am not a windows user.

  5. Thanks for this mod! can you add the new Mazda 3, Toyota GR Yaris and Rav 4, Forester ’19 and Hyundai i30 and Kona from jazzycat traffic ai sometime in the future? thanks!!

    1. Ok, I’ll add the ones if they are available

  6. Emekli oyuncu

    Honda CRF1000L Africa

    1. Sure

    2. This might be a completely different mod because it is a motorcycle ( I think )

  7. din mamma :(

    please add the kia soul, opel meriva, opel zafira, fiat multipla and dodge caliber!!

  8. Iliesse Arbouche

    Please make tiguan 2014 and mercedes glc coupe 2018

  9. The mercedes was successfully added, but the tiguan can not get added because it doesn’t show up in the chassis section

  10. squirell, I think what needs fixing is either the path of the ai files in the base.scs file.
    The other thing that might be the problem is the pmc, pmd and pmg files in the mod ( Drivable Ai )

    1. Have you tried editing it to see if it’ll work?

      1. I can’t quite edit the mod, as I don’t have the game files, if you could, can you send me the extracted version of the base.scs file in ets2? It might be able to help me fix it, potentially send it to me on steam, or send a sharemods link of the extracted base.scs

        My steam : Noeny

  11. Bonjour, comment fais t’on pour installer ce mod ? cordialement.

    1. Salut! Vous installez ce mod en téléchargeant cet addon et en vous abonnant à l’atelier drivable ai in steam, vous avez alors également besoin du pack de trafic jazzycat pour que cela fonctionne.

    2. Hi! You install this mod by downloading this addon and subscribing to the drivable ai in steam workshop, y op then also need the jazzycat traffic pack for it to work.

      Salut! Vous installez ce mod en téléchargeant cet addon et en vous abonnant à l’atelier drivable ai in steam, vous avez alors également besoin du pack de trafic jazzycat pour que cela fonctionne.

  12. Hope you’ll add cars like the ’19 Mazda 3, ’23 Rav 4 and Highlander and ’19 GLC350 to the updates

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