Drivers Return with Jobs V1.19


Tested version 1.19.x
Drivers no longer return empty.
Credits: Fred_be

* Respect the download link *

DOWNLOAD 2.5 MB [removed]

7 thoughts on “Drivers Return with Jobs V1.19

  1. the navigation you have works on v.1.19?

  2. DK_Bastian

    U F*** you screwede up my hard earnede lvl aafter all my driver now returns with work im in lvlv 12750 this is the worst F*** mod ive ever had downloaded!!!

  3. yes i’m on V1.19

    1. i ask because i havet too and the game grash. i gona download it again,and download your mod its nice mod

  4. ChickenlightsandChrome

    What is the navigation link please.

  5. Wheres the mod? all I got in the downloaded file was the two screen shots shown here.

  6. scania_dragon

    does it work on Promods Map V 1.96 ?

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