Dulfuqar v 0.1 Error Fixed Version with Profile

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This mod is a concept bus mod.

Tested versions 1.28 , 1.30 +

Error fixed by Krishnashish Lynx Sarkar

Thanks to KBS Team for all the Support

Find in Scania Truck Dealer

Please don’t upload anywhere.

Ask me first +965 55818848

[email protected]

This bus was modded on CHIAN YUTONG BUS ZK6146H

So it’s his mod credit: ETS2-梓柠

Afsal Neeliyath



5 thoughts on “Dulfuqar v 0.1 Error Fixed Version with Profile

  1. RiflerGamer

    Bus work. Test:

    1. Afsal Neeliyath

      nice dear


  3. Password+to+unzip?

  4. i really like to try this mod.but,whenever i run the mod and open ets2…the game crash.i try everything still cashing.help me….i like the bus a lot…

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