Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA v 1.3

The pack contains, “Challenge Manual”, “Readme” file, the realistic = “Traffic_Behaviour_by_GAARAA_1.3” mod and the challenge = “Dumb_Traffic_Behaviour_by_GAARAA_1.3” mod within the zip-file, choose any 1 of the 2 mods.
Ai vehicle’s brake very hard, so maintain a safe distance.
Trucks and busses square their turns, so stay alert when behind a truck or a bus which is about to turn.
Ai vehicles are cautious in bad weather conditions, which creates a slow traffic flow in these conditions.
Ai vehicles change the lanes forcefully, so always maintain your speed limits.
Spawn rules are set for dense day traffic, the night belongs to trucks and busses.
Speed limits revised. (Speed limits are ideal for this mod, Please do not change it)

Please maintain good space between vehicles ahead of you and drive carefully. Trucks and busses, follow a defensive driving routine. They will just not step on the foot pedal but, will manoeuvre through challenging roads, turns and curves. Skilled driving is required if behind a truck or a bus when travelling across a hill. Plan your journey well, as to avoid dense day traffic.

And now comes the fun part, “The Challenge” is back, and this time you are faced with a Dumber Traffic. This may be a test of your patience…
Your fellow truckers in the traffic have decided to challenge you with different tasks along the way… which certainly makes your journey more interesting. There are trucks in the traffic that pose a challenge to you. If you are right behind a challenging truck, you might have to complete the task it throws at you. Please refer to the “Readme” or “Challenge Manual” inside this package for more information on challenges.
Some challenges are funny and some are adventurous. Just take it as an amusement… & Enjoy.
Please post a video of your completed challenges.
Hope the realistic fans and challenging fans both maybe satisfied.
Finally guys, share the moments you experience using this mod and …surely……….
Look Out for that Crazy Driver.

Constructive feedback appreciated.

Respect the original link !!!




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11 thoughts on “Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA v 1.3

  1. Hi Gaaraa,

    I am very happy you came with another version of this mod and I am certainly going to try it out.

    Just a quick question, can you try make these mods available for American Truck Simulator. I have tried as you told me and they did not work.

    Thanks in advanced,
    Benjamin Magro

  2. Hi Benjamin,
    Will certainly try that these mods work for ATS.
    I am currently working on a car mod as you suggested, seems like it will take some time…
    Thank you

  3. Hi,

    Ok thanks for your reply. After this car mod will you be able to do the Volkswagen Golf 2017?


  4. LucyLuuBoo

    @gaaraa did you add the traffic rule to allow overtaking on white lines???

  5. Hi LucyLuuBoo,
    No this one just includes “the challenge”.
    Traffic behaviour is also moderate not as hostile as the earlier one.
    Will try to add the traffic rule to allow overtaking on white lines in the next one. Its rather demanding because of the “property” rule introduced by SCS. Do you have any idea for the same? I will be glad if you could provide some inputs.

  6. LucyLuuBoo

    So this one isn’t as good as the previous version is what your saying? i loved the behavior lots of overtaking and near crashes there was no issues with it crashes never really happend but the ai was so much more realistic. So in more detail what has changed here and does the challenge do? what’s different from the previous version?

    Yes for the property rule i did if you have the curiosity to identify the rule just go to
    road_look.sii in the def\world folder
    and search allow_wrong_way rule.
    it exists by default on some types of roads, I simply added on single line roads,

    to allow Ai traffic overtaking on single line in the road_look.sii I added


    allow_wrong_way[]: “”

    at “Road 1 lane single”

  7. Hi LucyLuuBoo,
    This one’s main feature is the challenge, and the differences already mentioned above and also in the info of the mod.

    Finally, for the overtaking in no overtaking allowed roads is concerned…. you are a genius!!!

    Earlier I did modify the road_look.sii, but was doing it all wrong.
    Thanks for your most valued input and this will definitely feature in the next update.

    Thanks again for a quick response.

  8. Hi,

    Will you be doing the Volkswagen Golf 2017?


  9. Hi Benjamin,
    Right now caught up with some work, and I am also about to release the update for this mod. It will take some time, I have already briefed you about it earlier.

  10. Hi Gaaraa,

    Thanks for your reply. I am looking forward to see what else you have in store for us.

    Have a nice weekend


  11. IMr-Igorek

    Hola. ¿Puedo ver el video? Cómo poner correctamente, cómo funciona para entender lo que estoy sacudiendo

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