Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA v 1.4


Ai vehicles overtaking on single and double line roads made possible.

Recommended to use along with Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat, But Dumb Traffic Behaviour mod should be on higher priority.

Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA shows the realistic behaviour of different driver types, there are good, normal and bad (a few of them)…
Please maintain good space between vehicles ahead of you and drive carefully specially trucks and busses, as they tend to follow a defensive driving routine.
They will just not step on the foot pedal but, will manoeuvre through challenging roads, turns and curves.
Skilled driving required if behind a truck or a bus when travelling across a hill.
Plan your journey well, as to avoid dense day traffic.
The few bad ones do not follow the no-overtake traffic rule anymore, so be attentive and don’t take anything for granted.

Might have to wait for the traffic to clear up if there’s an accident otherwise save and reload.(have to give-up something to be crazy realistic)

This mod provides the traffic with its unique personality and its no more a fixed traffic



Respect the original download link.



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36 thoughts on “Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA v 1.4

  1. Bro it’s crash when applied with rusmap 1.7.5 ets 2

  2. Hi Anurag,
    (assuming that this mod is on the top most priority)
    Try not to use it with any other traffic mods which could cause conflicts. Tested on ETS2, works fine.
    You can also try and clear the cache folder in documents.(do it on your own risk, but it helps)
    May this solves your issue happy trucking…

    1. After High priority its work .. awesome mod bro made more like this

  3. LucyLuuBoo

    @gaaraa ### you did it ###♥♥♥ biggest virtual hug ever!!! im so so happy my code helped and was made possible working in your mod that is amazing!! i tryed it asap and ### it’s amazing seriously if you had a donate part id donate asap im so so so happy with your work♥

  4. Hi Anurag,
    Glad to hear the mod works…
    Thank you,

  5. Hi LucyLuuBoo,
    Perfection is not attainable alone, but if we chase perfection together we can catch excellence.
    You are the inspiration behind this mod.
    Already mentioned it in the mod info. You are the BEST!
    Thank you as always…

  6. LucyLuuBoo

    I could not agree more♥ gaaraa you truly have made my game a million times better with this mod it really has implemented realism it’s by far the best traffic mod in existence for ets2!! I also have to say you are also the best, you really have made the game so much better it’s a must have recommended mod!!

    Many thanks and hugs♥♥


  7. Trukernirnoy

    Hi, Gaara,
    I’m using your mod for 1st time. It is really nice mode you have made.can you put daylight hours for ai traffic at you’r next update.. Like as at morning 7.00 a.m to at night 9.00 p.m lots of cars,buses, other traffics very few trucks on the road at that time and at 9.00 p.m to 6.30 a.m only for trucks and buses very few cars on the road at that time..

  8. Hi Trukernirnoy,
    I am pleased to know that you liked the mod. Planning an update with a mixture of all my previous traffic mods into one, including “The Challenge” in one of my mods.
    Noted down your suggestions for the same.

  9. Truckernirnoy

    Thanks For your reply. Wish you for better work in future. Love from India.

  10. Namaste Truckernirnoy,
    Hum dono Bhartiya hai….
    Ganatantra Divas ki Hardik ShubhKamnaye!!!

  11. I am pleased to know that you liked the mod. Planning an update with a mixture of all my previous traffic mods into one, including “The Challenge” in one of my mods.
    Noted down your suggestions for the same.

    1. Hi GAARAA seems to be you are my twin…
      What’s happenening here???

  12. Hi Gaaraa,

    I am using your latest Dumb traffic behaviour mod and its amazing.

    I have some suggestions:

    1. Can you make the ai traffic sometimes do a full turn round the roundabout, like they did a mistake and return back.
    2. Can you allow ai traffic to enter zones for example truck dealers, Assistance service, drop offs in quarrays.

    I await you feedback.


  13. Hi Benjamin,
    Regarding the full turn around the round about, they do it right here in this mod itself. Its just that we have to wait for it.(needs a lot of patience)
    Secondly, ai traffic enter different zones, is an absolutely fantastic suggestion will feature in the next update.
    And by the way its not MY mod, its OURS.

  14. Hi Gaaraa,

    Thanks and how generous you are.

    I have another suggestion to make, when you are on the highway and you are behind a ai car or truck can you sometimes they do an emergency brake for no reason (in my country (Malta) it happens).

    Also more ai as I am not seeing much ai.

    I do not know if you mentioned it but can you make these traffic mods all in one so everything will be in one mod?

    Once again thanks for you reply and for your generous commenting.


  15. Hi Benjamin,
    Emergency braking for no reason, will try to include that…

    The next update will be a mixture of all the previous traffic mods into one, including “The Challenge” in one of the mods.

    “The challenge” itself requires more ai traffic, so that’s for sure to increase.

    I am thankful for your every suggestion.

  16. Hi Gaaraa,

    Thanks so much. If I have any more suggestion I will definitely tell you. I get suggestions while I am playing.

    If you ever have any questions or if you ever want me to try out any of your mods do not hesitate to ask. It will be a pleasure to keep contact with you.

    I am definitely looking forward to the coming mods.

    Have a nice evening

  17. Hi Benjamin,
    Pleasure is all mine…
    Will never hesitate, as we certainly share a mutual understanding.

    Have a nice evening

  18. Hi,

    Just a quick question, when will the next update be out?


  19. Hi,
    Its almost ready… was supposed to be today, but now working on your suggestions and final inspection.


  20. Hi,
    Ok and thanks. Cant wait to try it.


  21. Hi Gaaraa,

    I have another suggestion, can you make the cars skid maybe when they brake a little to hard?

    Also what I think you should arrange is that the ai when they are overtaking in another lane on the highway they do not crash into you.

    These can be done in the update after the one which you are currently going to release.

    Are you going to upload the next update today?


  22. Hi Benjamin,
    Was working on a Physics mod which caused the delay in updating this mod.
    Will try to release the update with most of your suggestions included very soon.

    Thanks again for valuable inputs.

  23. Hi Gaaraa,

    Thanks once again


  24. LucyLuuBoo


    i found a problem ai are not overtaking on double white lines and mostly not overtaking on white lines how come? i looked at your code and it seems like its on all roads but it’s not working.

  25. Hi LucyLuuBoo,
    Assuming the code is not edited (including speed limits) :
    * May need to clear the cache from time to time, as switching from one mod to other requires certain amount of time to take effect.
    * Works well with default speed limits.
    * Not all the ai’s are impatient or dangerous actors, we need to wait for it to happen.
    * This mod should be on top priority.
    * Avoid conflicts with other ai-traffic mods.
    * Download and install the mod again, as the mod contains subtle parameter changes, which act for the behaviour of the mod.
    * Mod tested on

    LucyLuuBoo, I made the above guidelines for some of us, who had problems with overtaking and it worked for all of them.
    I know this is not relevant for you, as you are the “thought” behind this mod. But can you Please take a look at it again. Because if doesn’t work for you then its worthless.
    Finally, Ai’s do overtake on double white lines and also on white lines. I will specially update this mod for you.
    Best Regards,

  26. LucyLuuBoo

    @gaaraa it is top priority im using patch 1.30 they overtake normally on broken lines but i have yet to see them overtake me on double white lines or a single white line it’s quite odd.

  27. Hi LucyLuuBoo,
    I will absolutely restructure and update the mod right from scratch. It will take some time, until then Happy Trucking!!!
    I’ll be back.. ( The Terminator) hahaha…

  28. LucyLuuBoo


  29. LucyLuuBoo

    Still working great with the newest promods 😀

  30. needs a new update not working on 1.31 crashes the game 🙁

  31. welcome to Poland hehe

  32. My game is crash when this mod in top priority in version

  33. Muhamad Zulfikar

    Now, this is the mod that ETS2 needed. This realism. We need to be aware of our surrounding.

    Good job with this mod.. 😀

    Btw, this mod could release my boring feeling (just because there are not much of obstacles)

  34. Aloysius Agastya

    Hi, gaaraa.. Your mod sounds amazing. But I think I’m not ini best luck. I’ve download your mod recently and put it on the top of my mod manager. But still, this mod made my ets 2 crashed. Idk why but I’m pretty sure I’ve follow your instructions clearly. I hope this mod could be fixed for latest patch of ets 2.
    Greetings, from Indonesia.

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