Dutch & Belgium Standalone Tandem Trailers Pack v 0.2

Dutch-&-Belgium-1 Dutch-&-Belgium-2 Dutch-&-Belgium-3

this is a standalone tandem trailer pack.
sick of al the standard trailers with the tandem pack made by flemming V but also stil want to drive the truck’s of flemming V just simpel download this pack and alot more trailer skins are in the game and al standalone trailers.
the trailers where still made by flemming V so i did put his credit to it as well because of the trailer he did make for it.

Authors: simplycleverspuiterij, kevvet, Flemming V


One thought on “Dutch & Belgium Standalone Tandem Trailers Pack v 0.2

  1. Great skin pack, but just wish I could get rid of the “flemming V” part of the tandem, stuck with either white or the yellow and white one must be doing something wrong…AARRGGH!!!!

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