Dynamic mud flaps v.0.45

makes dynamic mud flaps for owned trailers
This is first version of this mod and supports trailers owned only ,krone DLC and schwarzmuller are added soon

Tested on

Please keep the original link

Nice2K [Rasoul R]


9 thoughts on “Dynamic mud flaps v.0.45

  1. Markus Zilch

    That looks super cool. Thank you for your work. I look forward to the upgrade.

  2. @dr_jaymz

    great improvement to the game

  3. isimi nasıl yazıyoruz acıklarmısınız

  4. ashir umar

    when you release this for krone

  5. great mod
    i’m waithing for the krone update

  6. I love it, it makes the game look more realistic with moving mudflaps

  7. how to download this mod? when I click the download button, a notebook with codes from this mod is downloaded

  8. DBoyForRex

    Right click on the folder Icon In your taskbar, then a menu should pop up In which you will click documents, scroll down until you see Euro Truck Simulator 2 and open It, Inside you will see “Mods” open that folder, then right click on the same folder icon again and click on downloads, hold left click on the mod you downloaded and drag It over to the mods folder then let go. This Is how you Install all mods that aren’t on the steam workshop!

  9. Hello, I think your dynamic mud flaps are brilliant.
    I’m currently in the process of advancing the articulated train community in ets2 and would be extremely happy if you could also make your dynamic mud flaps for the “kast ekeri tandem trailers” and for “Rigid chassis addon by Kast”. That would be a huge deal.

    keep it up!!!

    Thank you


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