E2 1 series Volvo FH12.420 V3


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Very nice FH12 for people who loves old school trucks.
Now is baked truck textures
Fixed interior blinkers
Now can change interior to exclusive, you don`t get game crash how was before fix.

axeet, skorp86, IvanK, Andriuxa56(textures), DomasTIR(baked textures)



8 Responses to E2 1 series Volvo FH12.420 V3

  1. Uki says:

    That version still have steering wheel in bad position ?

  2. Sarkissian says:

    But it is not standalone!

  3. 4004 says:

    Very roughly done. I remember there being a good Fh back in 1.4 days. Dont remember if it had working dash backlight though

  4. DomasTIR says:

    The steering wheel we special maked in bad situation,we doing all like in real,it means that the truck wheels dont have a balance and then steering wheel stays in bad place

    • Uki says:

      So, is that like I thinked. Maybe in next update will be two versions? With normal and bad position?
      Awesome truck, i want to use it, but i can’t with that wheel :C

    • volvoF88 says:

      thats bullshit if you have good maintenance on a volvo this will never occur not sure how it is there in russia but over here in Holland the steering wheel is in proper position also cut it out with the sideblinkers next to the headlights its not original! can you make a version with all this fixed without the headlightcovers, without the RUS sign, and russian number plates? with all this fixed the truck will be perfect

  5. Alex40 says:

    E2 1 series Volvo FH12.420 V3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt6QbTJnbgY

  6. MATO says:

    pink interior. I have game version 1.12.1s. This is bad mod

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