EAA 2.0 (Map of Brazil)


For version 1.16 Added 5 new cities: Botucatu, Avare, OurinhosYu Santo Antonio da Platina, Ortigueira Bonus – Brazilian buses in traffic

– Map: Roberto Restanho, Jhonatan Siebel – Model: Filipe Sampaio, Tonho Nunes – Engines and sending: Luiz Ferreira – Testers: Bruno Barbosa, Cncero Alves


14 thoughts on “EAA 2.0 (Map of Brazil)

  1. Does this map works with TSM 5.4+DLC Going East?

  2. Does this map work with (TSM 4.5)??

  3. bu mod tsm ili calışmıyor berizilyaya girdigimde oyundan atıyor

  4. Work with TSM 5.4 + Rus Map 1.4.

    EAA 2.0
    TSM 5.4
    Rus Map 1.4
    DK 18 v. 1.3

    1. Shogoon1984

      DK 18 ?????

      1. 1) Go to google.com

        2) Search ETS2 DK18

        3) Discover the mystical powers of the internet

  5. No pay icons here! I could cross after a bus without pay the toll LOL! Do u check your map before upload it?

    1. i have the same thing at rio ##### toll? anyone know how to fix this, as im really liking the map atm, but if i cant use tolls its unplayable, please help?

  6. They didn’t say it worked with TSM, which is where that error is from.

    “next is: the Reason for Crash, is the TSM Map

    00:01:56.473 : [model] Unknown look name ‘br’ on model ‘/model/sign/gas/price.pmd’

    00:01:56.590 : [model] Unknown look name ‘br’ on model ‘/model/sign/gas/price.pmd’

    00:01:56.591 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/gas/price.pmd’, probably a missing look?

    Without TSM Map 5.4 all works nice. Load the TSM and you crash.”


  7. a atualizaçao do do mapa EAA 2.0 nao funciona no 1.16.1 eu tenho o mapa truck sim 5.4 dlc leste,o eaa 1.8 funciona,o 1.9 e o 2.0 nao funciona da erro no jogo…

  8. ExperimentalTrucker

    Here’s a few deliveries completed within the map, also with the help of a couple more maps that were combined. (All were done in the 1.16.2 version of the game)

    Paranagua to Volta Redonda 852km run

    Santos to Bari 1705km run
    (With the help of TSM v5.4)

    Fdoiguacu to Groningen 1510km run
    (With the help of TSM v5.4)

    San Gabriel to Lages 674km run

    Moscow to LdoSul 3525km run
    (With the help of RusMap v1.4.8 & TSM v5.4)

  9. Hello, thanks for the very good map. problem can be fixed to make it compatible with IWR please ?

  10. boa tarde, parabens pelo mapa cada vez melhor, aos amigos desenvolvedores estou usando o mapa v2.0, mas ele esta dando um pequeno conflito com os arquivos .sii ( economy_data, phisycs _data ) o do mapa EAA esta a alterar os arquivos .sii de outro mapa que tenho, gostaria de saber se tem como vcs resolverem , ( deixar sem pois , cada jogador podera colocar esses arquivos da forma que lhes bem convier ) ficaria muito agradecido se vcs resolvessem isso , obrigado , e aproveito para perguntar qdo sera lançado uma nova versão. obrigado

  11. Mapa muito bom,e o que eu mais jogo,mas ta faltando Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte,coloca para nos ai uai

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