EAA Bus Map v 1.7

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Major changes from the mod:

– Brazil is added to part of the European map
– The economy has changed, leaving only passenger charges on the Brazilian side of the map;
– 8 bases were added to the mod – VW Idealle, Elegance 360 ​​G7 1200, G7 DD 1800 JUMBUSS 340,
– Tolls with the band of the free right to pass the bus with toll collection
– The passenger load was changed to not cause harm to engage the load;
– Engines and actual transmissions were added

Changes in this version:
– 20 cities were added
– 1 new bus was added – MAN LIONCH

Author: Team EAA

DOWNLOAD 634 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 634 MB [Sharemods]

22 Responses to EAA Bus Map v 1.7

  1. Quent1_Fr says:

    It’s compatible with ProMod and RusMap ?

  2. dm says:

    I have a problem with promods 2.0 and Rus Map 1.6

  3. Tullyo Gratieri says:

    Yes. and tambe the EAA 3.0

  4. teresa morgan says:

    when buying from a scania dealership in brazil game crashes

  5. lea says:

    i play with TSM…

  6. lea says:

    not run with tsm πŸ™

  7. don says:

    put the fix in it still crashes in the scania dealer what gives

  8. prop says:

    Hey, thanks for taking time to make this mod.

    I have placed into the mods folder in my documents in the newest version of ETS 2 and can see that the mod is “green” when activated. I have never modded ETS 2 before and this is the only mod in my folder.

    My problem seems to be that despite activating this mod, I cannot find South America at all in the map, even in a new game. It is as if the mod is just not activated, even though I have checked that it is several times. Any help would much appreciated, thanks!

  9. Balotelli says:

    o mod funciona com que versao do jogo? eu tenho a 1.21 e a 1.18

  10. dm says:

    TruckSim + EAA BUS – no problem. Waiting promods

  11. Viggith says:

    When i go to Scania truck shop game crash.

  12. Wiko says:

    Hey dude, this mod is Awesome for me but i have one problem but you can’t fix it i know πŸ™‚ ehm yeah this game is lagging when i come into some city’s and towns πŸ™ but i won’t change my options πŸ˜€ but it is awesome Great

  13. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Happy New Year.
    Here’s a delivery run completed with the map.

    Picked up Empregados(Employees) from Ribeirao
    Dropped off Empregados(Employees) in Rio Grande 1742km
    Passenger Run.

    NOTE: A fix for the crash at Scania dealerships is available…
    There are also other links in the video description.

  14. eduardo reyes says:

    I download a map thinking it was exclusively for road missions buses stop me having many defects map itself especially buses and dealers to buy and own mod for missions are for buses

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