EAA Bus Map v 1.8


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Changes in this version:
– Two cities were added
– Europe is authorized to carry passengers

Author: Team EAA

DOWNLOAD 710 MB [Mega.nz]
DOWNLOAD 710 MB [Sharemods]

13 Responses to EAA Bus Map v 1.8

  1. JPM SHIPPING says:

    Thanks for including Europe, now it’s the ultimate bus simulator!

  2. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s a passenger run completed with the map.

    Picked up Diretores from Riberirao
    Dropped off Diretores in Sao Gabriel 1741km Passenger Run

  3. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s another passenger run completed with the map.

    Picked up Diretores from Dourados
    Did Some Sightseeing
    Dropped off Diretores in Sao Luiz Gonzaga 2096km Passenger Run

  4. cec0o94 says:


  5. Asep Fariz Nugraha says:

    WOW shantika :v Bus From Indonesia

  6. Luciano says:

    My ETS2 Get crashed when I select Scania to buy a truck or bus… I got the last version of the game

  7. BackByeong says:

    https://youtu.be/N5ovC7kBbMc 720p

    my EAA bus Driving

  8. Alpha says:

    Does it work With v 1.21 ?

  9. problem says:

    Why I can`t pay toll taxes, when I drive MAN bus??

  10. Altair Cross says:

    supports ProMods v2.01, TSM 6.2

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