EAA Bus Map v 4.2.08 [1.27.x]

Version 4.2.08:
* Adapted for patch 1.27
* Fixed Bugs
* Added New Roads
* Edited Cities

EAA Team


16 thoughts on “EAA Bus Map v 4.2.08 [1.27.x]

  1. Finally the map works, thank you
    Only visiting the Mercedes dealer isn’t possible, game crashes to desktop

  2. Mercedes RIP…

  3. Compatible with Promods??

  4. Mercedes crash game

  5. Euh,is it for truck’s to??

    1. @phillippe you’ll want the standered EAA map for that, this one is for busses and passenger, and in reply to those asking if it works with steam last I knew yes.

  6. Mercedes nie działa, wywala do pulpitu

  7. works with steam?

  8. works+with+steam?

  9. the economy-system is totally nonsense if you concentrate only on bus-driving, 1000 km for 3800 Eur, after fuel and standard repair (no crash, best driving result) you earn less than 1000 Eur, so if you prepare to drive legally you have to fulfill orders for more than 200.000 km to be able to buy a single garage or a bus, but only if you dont have an accident (including npc-inflicted crashes) or got any fines.
    This is maybe realistic, but for a game this makes no sense at all.

    On the bright side, the map as i have seen it is beautiful and interesting, maybe a little more jungle expected.

    1. j.w.fiolet

      you can earn as much as 145000 for a trip of 1700km. only the first trip is very low after that the income is good

  10. j.w.fiolet

    is it possible to make restaurants a long the highways for the bus passengers to get a meal and use the bathrooms like in the real world..that would make the driving more real…regards

  11. abi oyundan atıyor dlc si gereklimi

  12. Is bus terminal built in with this map or should I download any mod for it?? And when I load passenger s in bus it attaches successful but is it possible tat passengers can b seen inside d bus..?

  13. Super thanks

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