EAA Map v 3.2.1 (1.23)

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Version 3.2.1:
* Add two new city Palhoca-SC and Santo Angelo-RS

Version 1.23

Author: EAA TEAM

DOWNLOAD 314 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 314 MB [Uploadfiles]

18 thoughts on “EAA Map v 3.2.1 (1.23)

  1. usman hamsafar

    my request EAA. please make a valleys maps thanks

  2. yes finally capable with 1.23, does this new version work with promods or???

  3. It works together with the ProMods map?

  4. Old map, fake

    1. Read, just read before posting!!

  5. it work with rus map and indonesia map?

  6. game crashes with v1.23.1s, please fix this bug

    1. Lengsfeld

      bei mir auch

  7. works with tsm and rusmap??

  8. pls fix crash v1.23.1s

  9. EAA 3.2.1 gameplay video (official): https://youtu.be/8QSLKn0ZGPs

  10. Marcus Ice

    Does this work with promods V 2.02

  11. I tried it nd it crashes with the latest promods v2.02 or is there a specific load order that i should follow???

    1. Marcus Ice

      I have no idea i wished they released a hotfix for the latest verson of EAA Map+Promods

  12. works with tsm and rus map???

  13. leo truck

    TSM 6.2 ok
    RusMap 1.6 ok
    Russian open spaces ok
    Indo 1.7 ok

  14. Why would you use sharemods and uploadfiles.eu to upload this mod?

  15. Desgraçado este mapa mão funciona na versão 1.23 seu desgraçado!

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