Eastern Express v 3.5M + Addon

Eastern-Express-v-3.5M+Addon-1 Eastern-Express-v-3.5M+Addon-2

Version 3.5M:
– Addon (34 New City)
– Update to 1.13 game version
– Fixed bugs
– Modified signs pointers cities

Authors: valera_t, SCS Software, МОРОЗОВ, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer, sowa, Olsestar, oq37, klipstoeun8839, satan19990, Bluetruck


31 thoughts on “Eastern Express v 3.5M + Addon

  1. LionBuster

    compatible with MHApro map EU 1.5.2 ??

  2. silly question, I know, does it need DLC ?

    1. Yes

  3. thx for update 🙂

  4. Hello, when I arrive at the entrance of the military base my game stops working is it normal?

    Google Translation

    1. the military base needs huge processing power because of tense graphics presence in the area,even my pc sometimmes crashes

  5. Pleas make one for game without DLC

  6. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Thanks for the update. Going back to discover more hidden roads in the map.

  7. Working with ProMods??

    1. No compatible

  8. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. @leha85. Please send my thanks to the authors of this map/map add-on. Looking forward to future expansions of this map/map add-on.

  9. Sumerian_Demon

    ey gusy just one question, i have this mod that makes the sound better you know?, better in the way that is integrated correctly , so you can hear the cars in the traffic in the cabin and so, but when i activate this mod my map zoom goes worthless, what are the values in the Def/gamedata.sii cause i want to see the whole map.. thanks in advance..

  10. compatible with TSM MAP 5.1.x ?

  11. Dose it work for 1.12.1?

  12. when versions 5500ss

  13. BreakingBadBro

    Seems like everyone that makes maps thinks everyone got the DLC’s… in fact all people dosen’t have that!

  14. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Still having fun with this map after the new update….


  15. MidniteTrain

    I’ve uploaded some screens if anybody is interested. The map is very drivable but would like to have been able to tune my truck.


  16. AndreiGaurean

    Do I need a new profile?I made one and it crashed when I wanted to choose my hometown…

  17. It crash on version , i drive 200 km and it stops working ,

  18. MidniteTrain

    Yes I have found that the Map will crash as well. Guy’s Don’t was’t your time downloading this map. I’ll provide photo’s of where the my game has crashed the first and the last three times. The first time was with my tuned truck outside my new shed. the next three times was at this same point on the map. Come on guys fix it so we can all enjoy the map. I’ve had to delete this one. I won’t run a map that crashes my computer. MidnitTrain.




    1. e corect ce spui. la ce bun o harta care crashed. o sa ma intorc la harta lui Frank007. grozava creatie si cea a ungariei…

  19. Cosmin_ro


    It’s a great map but isn’t working for me i have the 1.12.1s version…
    Some help plz 🙂

    1. I think the problem is You need 1.13 update otherwise this map will not work.

  20. james tooey

    does it need to be loaded in a order

  21. My Stupidity

    anyone knows why can’t I download the add on? it’s said that the server doesn’t respond bla bla bla.. is it my cnnection or smthin’?

  22. Diman48rus


  23. Anonymous

    Does it work on 1.20 and rus map

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