Eastern Express v 4.0 + Addon (1.14)



Added Ukraine

Authors: valera_t, SCS Software, МОРОЗОВ, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer, sowa, Olsestar, oq37, klipstoeun8839, satan19990, Bluetruck

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55 thoughts on “Eastern Express v 4.0 + Addon (1.14)

  1. Video with new cities please!

  2. Amazing job! I hope this version works without problems! Thanks a lot guys!

  3. Уважаемый земляк ! Сделай следующее – Скачай,установи,замастырь видео и поделись с другими.

  4. Working with others map?

    1. too bad it’s not for 1.13 is

  5. Schöne Map. Nur Schade das sie nicht mit der EU MAp Komplatible ist.

  6. crash my game. IWR?

    1. no wonder that the cassation game is Russian koccu

  7. Does it work without DLC Going East?

  8. СУПЕР! Уже загрузаю мод. Теперь я могу сказать через Украину непоехам. Дурацкые хохли :)))

  9. I Have Jobs Available. It Lets Me Select Some But Not Others. I Click “Take Job” But It Just Stays On Job Market

  10. Byblos! Я с радостью, но я болею и соблюдаю постельный режим.

  11. not working with EU 1.6. Otherwise it works very well

  12. Pam Christaman

    this map is pretty nice, only problem is with the snowy parts deep north. you can’t drive above 40/50kph, too bad and so frustrating as the ai trucks and cars behave as if there was no snow at all. nice map though.

  13. сЧА кацапы будут дуреть, появилась Украина, кусайте себе руки, идиоты!

  14. Can’t get past the loading screen. Saved games would not load, even when i’ve created a new profile.

    1. Same here

  15. The map does not show all the cities when I zoom out
    how to fix the problem ???

    Thanks a lot

  16. Halfway my trip map crashed 🙁

    1. Do you have 1.14

  17. michufino

    este no puedo estraer el mp que lo hago zip o que

  18. Musearuim

    When i search a job, my game crash

    1. me too

  19. Tb fiquei triste por nao rodar na versao 1.13,a 1.14 ainda so esta para steam…buaaaaaaaaa

  20. MrGermanTruck

    Test Video on the MAP on Version


  21. Лжттеуые вг иуш вук тэсрыеут Мукышщт Еысруктщияд гтв Зкшзяе вфнгьфсрут??? Цэку усре вук Щиукрфььук

  22. Map does not work!!! I create a new profile and select rus.mbd as playing module , then i choose city in ukraine as my hometown, then i choose “no” for tutorial and…. my game crash…. pleaseee help!!

    SUPER WORKING very good
    but on main city some time it slow but is good i like it
    KIng regards

  24. (fix the zoom out) nice mod no new profile need and work with promods

    1. Sumerian_Demon

      Really man?? this works with promods!?

  25. map works only without addon “morozov 3.6” !

  26. crash map original map you crash map add

  27. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. This is a long post so hopefully it will post. For those still interested in playing this map,

    Here is a collection of runs that were started & finished in different parts of the map. So far, they average between 500km close to 3400km runs. Some runs may look familiar from the previous version(s) of the map while some runs take place in the new additions of the map. I will say ahead of time, so runs are nice & calm & others, well lets just say my old driving style has come back with a vengeance.

    I had a few crashes to desktop, In my game, at certain or close to certain depots, the frames per seconds will slow to the point of crashing the game. Resetting will get you through that problem.(I left times that the game has crashed in the videos so you can get an idea) Also, at times, the game or what’s going on in the map causes micro stutters to the point it looks like the game would freeze & crash. There’s a few bugs here & there, (you’ll see some in the videos too) & I will CONFIRM, there are hidden roads in the map AND they DON’T show up on the GPS/Route finder. In some runs, I’ve found a few & decided to drive on them. I think it’s worth it. You never know what may be on those roads or if it gets you to your destination faster or not.

    This may help(or not)…. be careful in picking which mods to activate in a v1.14 map. I think alot of the trailer/cargo mods may not be ready for v1.14 & may increase the chance for the game to crash more.

    I played this map with both the regular ETS2 map and this one connected. I just focused all my runs in the East Express part to give an idea of what to expect in many parts of this map. I’m not sure why but, unlike some other people, I haven’t had a problem with the map zoom.

    Of course, once again(as you see in the videos) there’s 1 AI mod that I love to use that it seems no matter how much the AI’s improved, this mod will always throw a wrench in the works. But, it’s soooo much fun trying to figure a way out of the mess. Like I said before, some runs are relaxed, & some runs, I just went crazy.

    So, if this comment gets posted, (I know it’s running a bit long) take some time, watch one or two, maybe all (if it’s possible) & you’ll get an idea of what’s in the map to explore. Enjoy.

    TEST RUN #1

    TEST RUN #2

    TEST RUN #3

    TEST RUN #4

    TEST RUN #5 PARTS 1 & 2

    TEST RUN #6 PARTS 1, 2, 3

    TEST RUN #7 PARTS 1 & 2

    TEST RUN #8

    TEST RUN #9

  28. This Map is works correctly.The map zoom basically good.We can not use any mod which contains game_data.sii file. Authors, create a No_damage mod for this Map please or remove the password from the game_data.sii and economy_data.sii files. Please.Thank you before.

  29. Doesn’t work, new profile, no other mods loaded, won’t even load into game…

    1. ghost-truck

      me too it dsn’t work 🙁 the last version in 1.13 work parfect but this one with 1.14 no thing

  30. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello, Again. Here are some recent more runs that were completed from this map.

    From reading alot of the comments about this map, here’s something that could prove important for those that are having a hard time getting the map started…..From what I’ve read (& experienced myself), For ETS2 v1.14, SCS changed something in the game_data.sii file.

    In other words, at this time, ANY mod that contains a game_data.sii file from v1.13 and below & you activate it in a map designed for v1.14 will cause the window to popup & say something like it can’t load the save game or problem loading the saved game.

    For example, there are some graphics/weather mods that contain a game_data.sii file in the def folder. If the mod was designed for v1.13 & below & you’ve been activating it for v1.14, you’ve probably been getting a problem loading saved game screen. Deactivate the mod & see if the map will start up for you. I hope this can help. (IF I’m wrong with any of this, Please let me know. Thanks)

    TEST RUN #10
    Bialystok(PL) – Lwow(UA) 468km run

    TEST RUN #11
    Samara(RU) – Riazan(RU) 931km run

    TEST RUN #12
    Moskwa(RU) – Petrozavodsk(RU) 1385km run

    TEST RUN #13
    Grodno(BY) – orzel(RU) 1003km run

    TEST RUN #14
    Zytomierz(UA) – Kursk(RU) 578km run

    TEST RUN #15
    Bialystok(PL) – Kaluga(RU) 1178km run

    TEST RUN #16
    HAЛыМ(RU) – Mirni(RU) 1469km run

  31. Not work on version 1.11

  32. plz~~ speed up on the snowy ground.
    the truck speed is too low~
    the north of this map is hell and i hate to go north
    thus i unloaded this map.

  33. Нормальная карта,все работает!А на север лучше не ехать )),скорость действительно маленькая!В целом,карта очень хорошая!!!

  34. Ma work´s perfect, but only one problem i´ve.
    The mapzoom is not enough…
    can u fix it or say me how i can fix it…

    1. remove your no damage mod then you can zoom all the map

  35. К огорчению эта карта не совместима с TruckSim Map 5.3,а было бы здорово их объединить!!!
    Сержант,отключите моды!

  36. cant enter the military area, while entering to b4 or any military areas the game crashed please tell me how to solve this problem

    1. you are not allowed to enter a military area… you need a special permit

  37. João Kvalatadd

    Only two initial freight, and the game crashes. No mod enabled, no saves. What’s happening?

  38. RayFiftyOne

    Its a great map, but there is some work left to do. After taking on a delivery, the navigation sends me to a blokked road upnorth. Had to go back to Moscow and go north from there. Almost a reallife scenario, but not intended. i hope he fixes it in the next update.

  39. дорогие создатели исправьте пожалуйста ошибку когда нажимаю прямые перевозки то игра вылетает

  40. Good maps, but the north with the snow is a HELL! With my volvo max speed is 35Km/h… Sombody can suggest me mod to drive with the snow? Or… is it possible to have the same map without snow – summer mode? 😀

  41. Dont work

  42. one question the map is working good but when i try to get trucks delivered on some cities outise map i scroll the map to the city but it hides it again anny suggestion ?

  43. bonjour, bonne carte à rouler, pas mal de bug, route pas inscrite sur carte entre metpo3aboack et b.hobropoa , blocage du jeu sur plusieurs routes à metep6ypr

  44. sanjan rahman

    speed of bus in snow in very low… like 60 or 70 km/h..please give me a solution.

  45. if its work on 1.18 ??

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