Eastern Express v3.4M + Addon (34 new city)


Eastern Express v3.4M + Addon (34 new city)

Game version: 1.12.1

Maps is not working without addon!

When distributing make sure to save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link!

Eastern Express v3.4M: valera_t , SCS Software, МОРОЗОВ, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer
Addon: МОРОЗОВ, SCS Software, tested: sowa, Olsestar, models: oq37, Jazzycat, Valera_t, klipstoeun8839, satan19990, Bluetruck

DOWNLOAD 199 MB addon

50 thoughts on “Eastern Express v3.4M + Addon (34 new city)

  1. Greetings to authors from Slovenia!
    First – thanks for sharing,but it would be fine if you would wrote a few words about the map and compactibility with other maps. Also it would be nice if you would put in presentation some in game pictures and video.
    Anyway thanks for sharing.
    Best regards zak4862

    1. poutitine

      help Valera T they are slaughtered your map, a broken arm band I do not understand why would destroy

      1. What are you talking about?

        1. poutitine

          00: 02: 44.315 [dx9] Failed to allocate vertex buffer of 2097152 bytes (pool: managed). [0x8007000e]
          00: 02: 44.316 dx9_buffer.cpp (117) ?? 0vertex_buffer_t dx9 @ @ @ QAE [email protected]@QAVcontext_t @ 12 @ @ Z I_N: Failed to allocate vertex buffer. that’s why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! optimized a #####

      2. what??????

      3. Alex Baizel

        Вы в своём уме??? Такую чушь пишите!!! Инициатор хренов!!!

        1. Совершенно верно, (It is quite true), ### … 🙁

      4. Computer buy normal, and not the king will people’s brains, dunce.

  2. in the download the size are the same but in the page the size are not the same, what is the truth about this map?

  3. TaiwanOCZ

    DOWNLOAD 199 MB addon
    Link same with MAP?349MB…what the?

    1. Downloads maps and addon. Maps is not working without addon!

    1. this is what i want to say…tnx dude.

    2. TaiwanOCZ

      thx u a lot~someone need to edit this page “Addons Link”for this

  4. Very good work! Work with the old profile and all packages of Jdzzycat. Once again: Congratulations, Valera_t and Morozov and the entire team!! Success!

  5. works with TSM?

    1. No, its not compatible with any other maps.

  6. Подскажите какой программой можно открыть SCS файл

    1. Winrar

      1. Спасибо!

  7. I’m Brazilian, I do not speak English, much less Russian. Enthusiast ETS2 have a profile
    this map since version 3.0, worked perfectly until v3.3, then stopped because
    the ETS2 1.11, then anxiously awaited new version to proceed with the listing.
    I’m downloading and I hope that works very nice. I greatly admire your work, continue
    with this wonder. Hugs to All.

  8. zia azemira

    1:2:1s,new profile,no other maps,no mod,crash the game!!!!(the map have a corrupt file on the .rar archive)

  9. zia azemira del west

    finally work,but with scaniamultimod or zzzmegastore game crash,the bullbar is red,please fix it 🙂

  10. Спасибо тебе Брат-Гоба.На старых версиях она у меня зависала или вылет был,а тут она идеально идет.Карта \класс\.Спасибо.Народ,если вы хотите купить грузовик,то лучше это сделать в Европе.Так как,в России они дороже.
    Еще там пак военных грузов в трафике.Поэтому уберите свои mod-pak на военные грузы.Возможны вылеты иначе.Нее,карта просто \КЛАСС\!!!

  11. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. I have been playing with the Addon for map Orient Express 3.3 (34 new cities)(upd: 15/09) (I’ll probably upload videos of those & this version when I get a chance.

    A few things that I’ve noticed…..With the add on, the map has gotten much bigger, In the 3.3 version, there are a few cities that the gps can’t plot a route to. You can probably still make the delivery. You would have to find your own way there. Was this fixed for v3.4? I can’t type which cities the gps can’t plot a route for because, I don’t know Russian. (Sorry about that)

    From what I’ve seen & played in the 3.3 version, the roads are long, (great for maximum speed of your truck)
    be prepared to do runs over 1000km at times. I’m still looking to get/find a run that will have me discovering either some off road terrain or some hidden roads.

    Small Wish…..When the trucks discover water running across the road, it would have been nice if the water effects from the game SpinTires could be applied here.

  12. I have an issue with… the map when I zoom out it is not showing all Russia cities …
    any help please ….
    Thanks in advance

  13. I have an issue with… the map when I zoom out it is not showing all russia cities
    any suggestion ??

  14. where cities are flooded

  15. У тебя мод на увеличения карты стоит.У меня в этом случии стоял мод на улучшении графики.Я его убрал,поставил другой и все \OK\.

  16. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Finally got some time to do a few runs…..

    These were from version 3.3 published from 9/15/2014

    This is from the current version 3.4 map add-on. It’s broken down into 3 parts. So you can imagine that this is a long distance run…..

    On this map add-on, the only problem that I’m having right now is the same thing that @molivos has been saying, ‘the map when I zoom out it is not showing all Russian cities’.

    For me that means, once you get into a city that you can’t view on the map, it makes it hard to choose a job from the freight market for that particular city.

    Also, when your in a city that you can’t see on the map & you want to get a job there, you would either have to scroll through the entire freight market to find jobs in that city or drive to each depot to find jobs that way. So, I hope the map zoom issue could be fixed soon. Enjoy watching.

  17. ExperimentalTrucker

    Just an update on a different subject…
    MsHeavyAlex map v1.5.2 has been released…

  18. Carrythxd

    Does anybody know how to fix the problem with the map? I can’t see all of the cities on the map as I can’t zoom in on them, I can only zoom in on a few cities

  19. remingtonh

    OK, so exactly Map exactly are we supposed to “add-on” this map to?

    1. remingtonh

      Let me rephrase: What map are we supposed to run this add-on with?

  20. ExperimentalTrucker

    @Carrythxd. Maybe this can help with your problem….

    @remingtonh. If I’m correct, The 1st download link is the map. The 2nd download link is for the add-on which you would add after you have installed the map from the 1st download link. Right now, I’m able to run the map + the map add-on with the regular ETS2 map. Hope this helps.

  21. ExperimentalTrucker

    After finding a map zoom mod that lets me see the entire map, I’m sad to say that a huge part of the map I’m unable to access because there are no roads connecting to those cities. One city looks to have a ferry but, when I get to the seaport, there’s no icon for the ferry on the ship or in the seaport. Guess I have to wait for the next update to fully explore this map:-(

  22. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Please disregard my last post. Looks like there is away around what I thought was broken roads…..

  23. ExperimentalTrucker

    A 5374km run has been completed….
    Link for part 1……
    You can view the other parts of the run on my channel,

    Seems there’s still a lot to explore on this map.

  24. niedobrywujek

    wywala z mapy,do dupy jest

  25. So now I have almost 6 hours played. Im almost 7th level, have a loan and Volvo FH16 Classic with 600HP 2800 NM engine.

    Map is pretty huge but there’s so much straight/almost straight roads to drive it becomes really boring after few hours of such driving.

    Distance between cities:
    Really differs from such densely packed Europe. Yet those straight roads aren’t great combination with distances between cities… Thanks to creators they left ability to travel between Europe and Russia without profile change.

    Just and hour or so ago I’ve found greatly paid job to deliver reservoir tank to the very north, but left only about 800kmh to drive icy/snowy roads appeared which slows down me to amazing 47 km/s, and Im only pulling 6 ton tank with force of 2800 NM! and that’s on plain road, going uphill slows to 18 km/s. Unless there are some tires specifically for snowy roads(which I did not found/unlocked yet) I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND anyone driving to north.

    Overall I’d give 6,5/10

  26. To those who have troubles with the map zoom – i had the same with no speed limit mod. Switching it off suddenly solved the issue. Try to switch mods on consequently one by one, maybe you will find which one causes this bug.

    And I also had mentioned problem with icy road. 40 kmh was my top speed while AI trucks were overtaking me as if i was staying. Speed limit of 90 kmh on this road was fun.

    Ну и по-русски добавлю, что мод офигенный. Всё очень похоже на Россию, кроме забавных ляпов вроде шестиполосных шоссе около некоторых захолустных городков и платных дорог типа М7. Ну нету их у нас, нету. Ну и были бы еще дороги похуже… 🙂 хотя это уже жестоко по отношению к европейским игрокам.

  27. mod is good

  28. working with version 1.13.3

  29. spherehead

    Hello, Thank you very much for this map. It adds so much to ETS2 and looks and runs fantastic! I am running v3.4 with addon cities(on steam). I have run into a problem when I am going between Venice and Verona. Whenever I get near the rest stop between these cities the game freezes then kicks me back to windows. THis happens every time I approach this spot and from either direction but it does not happen when Eastern Express is not loaded.

  30. такое чувство что дальше Москувы Городов нету у России????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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