Eastern Express v9.0 + Fix [1.25.x]


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Map of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. There is a standard Europe and the DLC “Going East”. To work needed to set licensed game DLC and DLC Ssandinavia of GE.

New in version 9.0:

Added new cities:

– Izhevsk
– Bogdanovic
– Perm
– Ekaterenburg
– Tyumen

Fixes a beta patch 1.25.h.h card EE 9.1 and EE 9.0
Connect both fixation with a higher priority than the map!

Jazzycat, Dima063, fura2010, valera_t , SCS Software, kosa6414, жаба, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, klipstoeun8839




24 Responses to Eastern Express v9.0 + Fix [1.25.x]

  1. Ron.D says:

    Express to East
    -Credits: valera_t

  2. SlavikSD says:

    ВЭ 9.0 даже на 1.24 в 80% не писал маршрут доставки и выдавал ошибки на префабах развязок и перекрестков. Как это можно было исправить в map_data уже для 1.25 – не понятно…

  3. Martin Edwards says:

    hello can you put your map in English pls
    it would be helpful. and I can see your map does not go with other maps as well.
    thank you

  4. K!lleR says:

    For Promods?

  5. arnuX LTU says:

    no work with promods

  6. backtofront2 says:

    Excellent work bro

  7. yoganez says:

    пРОЕХАЛ 1000 км игра тупо начала выкидывать в одном и том же месте в украине около винницы стоит фура и в нем торчит микроавтобус красный . Вот там и выбивает

  8. yoganez says:

    в украине около винницы стоит фура и в нем торчит микроавтобус красный . Вот там и выбивает

  9. Luki35 says:

    jaka kolejność ustawienia ma być plików i czy działa z ProMods 2.11

    • Cipinho says:

      it’s not for ProMods apparently, works only with Vanilla (default) map which is still fine for me for the moment.

  10. clhz says:

    Exist in latim language

  11. Siegi says:

    great map, thank your.

  12. Carlitos says:

    There is+a+crash+game+going+to+Vinitsa+from+Khmrlnistsky+by+the+M12,+at+point+where+there+is+a+truck+and+a+combi+parked+at++a+side+of+the+road.+I+had+to+reach+to+Vinitsa+from+north,+from+Zhitomir+by+M21.

  13. Carlitos says:

    There is a crash game going to Vinitsa from Khmrlnistsky by the M12, at point where there is a truck and a combi parked at a+side of the road. I had to reach to Vinitsa from north, from Zhitomir by M21.

  14. Matz says:


  15. Carlitos says:

    There is another crash game going to Cherniv from the north, inpossible to cross Cherniv, even thoug is a beautiful map wiht snowed roads to north, some swampy roads and fires and accidents on the roads. I’d prefer to have a little more traffic, some times there is a lot of kmts without a car on yhe sight.

  16. T.I.R-Oldtimer says:


  17. Алексей says:

    Не плохо в целом. В Богдановиче ж\д переезд не работает, светофоры и знаки кое где смотрят в противоположную сторону. А вообще понравилось спасибо.

  18. Per says:

    Hello from Sweden, i like this map.
    But miss something from old versions.
    The military trailers and military underground bases,

    Maybe you have delete them just for all bad thing
    who going on in this world now…..

  19. hellboy says:

    Hi, Do you have any plan to make a new version for 1.26.x??

  20. bhw2279 says:

    This mod is compatible with Ruissan Traffic for Jazzycat only russia map?

  21. Roadhoguk says:

    Will you be making this compatible with 1.26xxx, I know you are linking it with marios map but that has it`s own disaster log of crashes to desktop and has been deleted as unplayable, please make this your map again.

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