Easy Levels v 1.1


This mod gives levels faster and more money! You are going to unlock every skill after couple of deliveries.

1.1 new content: You will get new levels instantly after doing one job if you are new player.

No need for new profile!



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5 thoughts on “Easy Levels v 1.1

  1. miaoumixed


    Thank you very much for this mod,
    testing it with a new profile on a mod map,
    no time to wait 25 levels to unlock all 🙂


  2. how can i start this mod? just drop this file to folder of game? dont working for me ;/

  3. How can i start this mod? :/ please help me, i am noob xD

  4. spartacus33

    ok Freezea…
    you droop in first this file in mod manager (my document/ets2/mod)
    and active this in menu mod manager and just active it in high priority …
    Save it and lunch game !!!

  5. NIe działa. Nie polecam

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