Eaton Fuller v4


New version of fuller transmissions, several problems were corrected in the transmission of DAF XF, Maz6422 5 new trucks, Freightliner, crowned & century, kwT800 and zil aronson.

now appear as changes;
in box 13
1,2,3,4,5L / 5H, 6L / 6H, 7L / 7H, 8L / 8H , RL / RH

in box 18
LL / LH , 1L / 1H, 2L / 2H, 3L / 3H, 4L / 4H, 5L / 5H, 6L / 6H, 7L / 7H, 8L / 8H
R1 / R2 split : R3 / R4
the files are installed as in the other versions, questions or clarifications in the pack comes my mail

you enjoy it ^^

scs, demetry68, Rockchevelle


5 thoughts on “Eaton Fuller v4

  1. V3 is better than it.IN V3 18 gear transmission gives 190+ Kmh speed.And in this version we have just 144 Kmh speed. please increase its speed limit

  2. rockchevelle

    ok fix that , thanks for the tip

  3. please make for rjl’s sisu

  4. nvm,i did it myself.but you should add it anyway

  5. for rjl’s sisu Please!

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