Economy Changes by hubatruck

With this mod you’ll get:
-cheap driver hire
-cheap garage buy/upgrade
-good driver revenue
-skills give many XP, and it’s easy to level up
-updated currency
-truck refund tweaked
-you can buy online if you have at least one truck
-drivers give more money
-parking gives more XP
-no police, no fines
-cheap job quit
-more money in bank
-basic truck parts (cab, engine, suspension, transmission) for all stock trucks are cheaper.
-if you sell/change in a truck you get more money for it (before it was 36% of original price).

~~~ Please respect the uploader and don’t re-post the mod on other file sharing sites. You can share it with the ORIGINAL download LINK. Thank you!~~~



One thought on “Economy Changes by hubatruck

  1. spartacus33

    Hello Huba…. WARNING !!!!
    Big defect on the Mod.. On all the trucks, the full of petrol is just 10 km.. And the tank is empty!!!!!!!
    I removed the Mod and now everything is OK…
    It’s not a conflict with another Mod but yours..
    Thx to reed me & Fix It please…
    Best looks…

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