This Mod is created for maximum realistic simulation, in the restrains that the Game allows
This is the Evolution from what i learned about the standard SCS Economy,
and the changes I made to it with my first Economy Mod realEco
Keep in mind you have to start somewhere with your career, and the beginning
will be hard. You will have low income and every mistake can cost you more then a few €

Support for:
All DLC’s
All Cargo Additions by SCS(SP Transport, Heavy Cargo, High Power Cargo)
Piter for Rusmap
ProMods Middle East
Red Sea
Project Turkey lite

This includes Tolls, Ferry Connections and Cargo
DO NOT US AUTO PASS Tollgates, they are hard coded into the Map
Fixed Income: 140EUR base Pay + 00.00 – 00.21EUR per Kilometer
Fixed Income Freight Market 160EUR + 0.00 – 1.76EUR per km
Fixed Income Cargo Market 160EUR + small Increase to Freight Market
Special Transports will pay 160EUR + 1.22 – 3.24EUR per km
Freight Market available after doing 20 quick Jobs
Cargo Market(buy own Trailer) available when you reach Level 32
Hired Drivers 2.500€ and they work under the same rules as you in Quick Jobs
It will take some driving to afford a own Truck without a Loan
selling used Trucks will refund you 40% of the original Price
Increased Cargo Damage Cost to 125.00EUR per 1% of Damage
Abandoned Job: 3500EUR Fine
reduced cost of fuel, maintenance and insurance for hired drivers for realism
Small Garage Price maintained at 180.000EUR and large Garage increased to 280.000EUR (keeping your expansion rate at more realistic levels)
Large Garage provides fuel with 15% off Price

Loans Information:
20.000EUR at 23% of Interest. 35 ingame Days- 580EUR per Day
100.000EUR at 20% of Interest. 126 ingame Days- 824EUR per Day
250.000EUR at 18% of Interest. 364 ingame Days- 752EUR per Day
1.000.000EUR at 12% of Interest. 728 ingame Days- 1547EUR per Day



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