Economy Tuning by Illar Zuim v 1.0


tested in with ProMods 2.2+Balkans+Paris+Poland Rbl and Real Company v2.4

Some major and minor changes for comfort game:
gps calc time for 70+ km/hrs halfspeed by race
1.5 hrs to deadline best coef. for end delivery
sleep 6 hr
for delivery around 2000 km – salary around 20k eur
credit summ dcr
fines for other car incid. around 3500 eur
drive on red lights 250
motorious AI drivers $)
easy parking: 200xp, hard: 780xp
no one parametrs from env. or truks or phizx or map do not touch
minor other changes

tnx for Collective Minds in threads on forums and SCS

You can share this on other sites but KEEP ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK AND CREDITS! DO NOT REUPLOAD TO OTHER FILE SHARING SITES! For personal use is free.

Credits: Illar Zuim

[email protected]

Illar Zuim


2 thoughts on “Economy Tuning by Illar Zuim v 1.0

  1. Calliandr

    ested in with ProMods 2.2+Balkans+Paris+Poland Rbl and Real Company v2.4
    “Real European Companies” v2.4
    Примечание: мод не совместим с ProMods!
    Как могли тестить мод?

  2. Доброго!
    Катаю в заявленной конфигурации много месяцев…
    Поставьте повыше в списке модов

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