Edit Europa V1

Author: Linux Mch

Versions: 1.1.3 – 1.2.5


13 Responses to Edit Europa V1

  1. CECI says:

    I put in mod but dont work … WHY ?

    • CECI says:

      Dont Load game .. Reload and reload..

      • Patrick says:

        You probably have to create a new profile and restart the game to enable any new map intalled for the game. (sorry for my bad english i speak french normally).

  2. CECI says:

    I create new account, but doesn’t want again. ..

  3. Milkov says:

    Why I cant open the scs file?

  4. michael says:

    hello, the download link doesen’t work. please without rar/zip (archiv) password.

    thanks a lot!!!


  5. admin says:

    Hi, I checked. Link working.

  6. CECI says:

    new card is not here this not working properly

  7. Strama Duong says:

    Hi !!! I still play normally without creating a new profile…may be you use 2 mod map at the same time, remove all of the mod, only retain this mod and try again đŸ˜‰

  8. CECI says:

    [Not Working] .. FIXED…

  9. Johan Wiqvist says:

    This map work perfectly great for me.

    So have you checked that you do not have many map mods installed?

  10. FloppySRB says:

    Dont work !

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