Editable 11 Own-Trailers mod to make your own paintjob mod

Editable 11 Own-Trailers mod to make your own paintjob mod.
If 11 is not enough send info.
Also if you have any mod ideas we are ready to make it as real mod.



8 thoughts on “Editable 11 Own-Trailers mod to make your own paintjob mod

  1. Hi is there any chance you could put a name on the side and back of the trailer for me please id like Hayes & Son’s if you could many thanks

  2. Bravo Monsieur,
    Enfin quelqu’un qui pense à ceux qui ne savent pas Moder.
    Je te remercie pour ton travail.
    N’hésitez pas, c’est génial, simple mais génial

    1. Je regarder dans cet Mod, ou on trouve simplement des Templates en Format dds.
      Donc, il le faut un Logiciel comme PaintNet ou Paintshop pour designer et après sauvegarder en dds.
      Il est plus facile, de faire ses propre Skins avec ModStudio2 et un Logiciel supportant png. Et les Tutoriels on trouve facilement dans le Forum de SCS.
      Désoler pour la Réponse.

      1. Really? 😀
        How can you make your paintjob without any Photoshop, can you explain me? If you think you can use online photoshop I can say you can use online converter to make png to dds. 🙂

    2. Thanks for support 🙂

  3. I downloaded your mod and am interested in changing the color on the parts of the trailer bit I can’t change it.How to change that parts.

    1. You need to edit all 3 dds in each file

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