EfficientLine v1.1 Skin for MAN E6 MADster

This picture is updated based on version 1.28
V1.0—1.28.XX Start to support
V1.1—Repair support for DX11
Please don’t re-upload!
Thank you~~~
Have fun



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8 thoughts on “EfficientLine v1.1 Skin for MAN E6 MADster

  1. AvM Transport

    Thats NOT a EfficientLine Skin!


    1. WHY??

    2. Maybe I just want to do a personalized painting, and I don’t want to listen to anyone’s suggestions, because I just want to be myself and don’t want to be like others

      1. AvM Transport

        Then don’t call it EfficientLine Skin!
        Google it or watch the picture in my first comment!

        You don’t want to be like other?
        Then don’t upload c r a p like others 😉

        1. I am happy that it is what it is. I don’t care about the eyes of others, and I have no profit, nothing more.

          1. AvM Transport

            You don’t understand it.
            If someone would search a “EfficentLine” Skin
            @ Google & find your cr ap – that’s WRONG!
            You don’t understand it!

  2. When I turn on the income, you have to comment on me, only then.😉

  3. Can you make this skin for stock scs MAN’s? Both versions E6 and the older one

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