EKAD Map v 5.6

Author: goba6372

DOWNLOAD  EKAD Map v 5.6 50 MB


DOWNLOAD  EKAD zz Money Def 3 KB

30 Responses to EKAD Map v 5.6

  1. Oliver says:

    Hey , we need a Passwort 🙁

  2. kentri60 says:

    Code for the map?

  3. admin says:


  4. Xpolt says:

    admin, passsword goba6372 no working!

  5. pablo says:


  6. charlie says:

    password plz this one dont work goba6372

  7. Freddy Jimmink says:

    I don’t think password will be given,
    goba6372 does not work



    • Jatin Kumawat says:

      Goba xx ,xxx , xxxxxxxx , xxxxxxx , xxxx , xxxxxx

      or any other goba xxxxxxxxxxxxxx mod is fake and i hate goba publishers

      the all are m***************************I and i want kill them

  8. devil505 says:

    there is no need to unpack the file. copy the zip to your mod folder,thats all.

  9. Looneytoon says:

    If you just put all three zip files into your mod folder the map works great. no password needed.

  10. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Look here, a big thanks to Loonytoon (is that right i alway thought is is Looneytune)

    Again thanks mate,



  11. Stanko says:

    How I can give this map to the game? (sorry for my english)…only rar to folder “mod”?

  12. Okashira says:

    Good afternoon …

    Please can tell what procedures to install this mod, because the file is 7.zip, hence descompacto and then I put the files inside the folder mods ETS2, but nothing happens, if anyone can help on how to install this mod .


  13. baddog says:

    street to Merida is close..no chance to drive merida 🙁

  14. santa says:

    I havent tried this mod but usually you put mods in

    %username%\documents\euro truck sim 2\mod\

    And some maps require you to start a new game

    AFAIK, there is no difference between .scs and zip, both can be opened with 7zip.

  15. james says:

    Hello fellow truckers! I have just spent 106 simulated hours driving this mod and believe me I would do it again. This is a review of a sort and the outstanding parts of this mod are: mountain driving up to 10% or greater grades, roads all work but stay away from non-completed roads because there are no barriers set up, you just drive off any and all unfinished roads. I had only two problem areas of barriers still not cleared.a- road to merida( barrier), aveiru (barrier).
    The bad part of this mod is no truck dealers to get a truck from unless you get it before going on the mod, and only 1 or two repair station on entire route. Who knows where you will end up if you total your truck out. I was careful.The loading stations all work and have loads to pick up and found no difficulties with this. Doing the driving on this mod will keep you busy for HOURS at a time. There are only two areas to access the new route from the main map (big disadvantage!!!!!!) owner pickups are more on the stock part of the map until you get to new areas. I just jziped the main file and put the resultant jzip files in the mod file and they all worked. Enjoy. GOBA6372 you recieve a ***** 5 star of 5 stars for this mod. I loved it.

    • james says:

      an additional note: mountain climbing roads and at the bottom going left to mallow. Its great if you love jammin gears. try it using a company stock gutless powered truck like i did. Then if that wasn’T hard enough I threw in a smow mod. Talk about hard to handle. Have fun with this one.

  16. EddyCJ says:

    Well sadly it doesn’t works for me either! I didn’t extracted the files I putted them inside just like I downloaded it, but nothing happened…sad because I would have really liked to drive 6000 km!!

  17. BOSDOT says:

    uploding by GOBA6372 must delete .. no working ! blaah blah

  18. alex says:

    день добрый!
    у меня проблема с поролем…
    если конешно можно узнать пароль для етс2 ЕКАД мап в 5.6

    • Иван says:

      Тут пишут что нужно просто перпеложить архив в папку мод, но у меня ничего не происходит!!!

  19. DKsDEVIL says:

    There are 3 files where kan i read about the mod and what the files do plz in english plz 🙂

  20. Baba says:

    this is the best map I have ever seen
    best of texture y see on this map

    tyvmuch goba6372
    waiting for the next update

  21. vlad says:

    good time of суток.начал play with the map of Mar 5.6 with меридо and leave can not transparent wall like to be?

  22. vlad says:

    яначал с мериды подъехал к выезду на главную трасу а проезда нет прозрачная стена кто то может подсказать как проехать

  23. Charles says:

    It does not work on 1.3.1

  24. gaston says:

    otra ves descargando los 3 archivos aver si me funciona el otra que baje cuando entro a meriva apenas doblo para la ruta es como que estuviese cortada y me deja trabado ahi si alguna sabe le voy a agradecer que es ?? gracias

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