Ekeri 4m Box Trailer Skin with Skinning guide in mod

Skin for Ekeri Trailer with heling template and Skinning guide.
Have Fun!

Kast, Scs, Mihkellll


7 thoughts on “Ekeri 4m Box Trailer Skin with Skinning guide in mod

  1. Please the same for KRONE trailers and Scania Next Gen 🙂

  2. geil thanks

  3. Nice work! Please make more for other trailers like the VAK or Krone trailers =)

  4. big thanks! please make for more Ekeri trailers, 4.4m, and Tandem

  5. I did everything, saved the right formats but my box1 is ingame pink. What I do wrong?

    1. mikehackenbacker

      save as box1.dds and replace.where the original came from

  6. trucker in ets2


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