Ekeri Hooklift Combo

Add conteiner on ekeri trailer and truck chassis

WJ Truckstayling


9 thoughts on “Ekeri Hooklift Combo

  1. Fake mod!!!!

    1. TeddyBear

      lol no its not

  2. i cant find an addon that give me the option to do tandem ? can anyone help me

  3. Fake and stolen from Kast:
    # Display name can be any string with any length.
    display_name: “Ekeri Tandem addon”
    # Author can be any string with any length.
    author: “Kast”

    And learn English… LOL

    1. TeddyBear

      Ok, first off its NOT fake.
      And 2nd, its not stolen.

    2. Where can i find the original mod

  4. WJ Truckstyling


  5. works, but gives plenty of errors in gamelog,
    replaces the NTMbox. ?

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