Ekeri Tandem Trailers Addon by Kast (1.35.x)

This is a tandem addon for the “Ekeri trailers by Kast” mod(v2.0.1)
Mod adds 24 variants of the Ekeri tandem trailers. All shapes and sizes ? Semitrailers have Tyllis dolly.

I added Tyllis dolly as ownable trailer, Other trailers will be done later.

Changes in v2.1:
-Hultsteins cooler added
-Converted and updated to game version 1.35.x
-Body locator position moved
-Trailers with r22.5 wheels added
-Def files reworked to clean up mess

Changes in v2.0:
-Ownable Tyllis dolly added
Kast – Trailers
SCS – Everything


Semitrailer Wheels:
abasstreppas – original textures, high poly model
50keda – low poly base
Kast – wheels

Mid-axle trailer wheels:

Flares for the LEDs:

SCS Forum Link

Please Do not Re-upload!!!!
Respect the original link

Kast, SCS, Abasstreppas, Fabry85, Ogentor, 50keda


7 thoughts on “Ekeri Tandem Trailers Addon by Kast (1.35.x)

  1. i take a crash when i want to buy the trailer

  2. my game crushed when i what to buy a trailer

    1. Same here.. I can’t get this ekeri tandem pack to work, i have nmt trailers addons, an those are working fine. Does nmt and ekeri tandem trailer packs even work same time? And still i have one question more, why those tandem trailers have always one axle up? It’s so ugly to watch, i want all wheels down.

      One question more.. Is there somewhere skinpacks for nmt dandm trailers, and trucks cargo boxes, and 1.35 version?

      1. Anonymous

        Just make a keybind for lifting the trailer axles

  3. ItsMeYaBoi

    it crashes when i go to the mods trailer shop site

  4. izzomania

    hello congratulations nice job but when you change a dolly full cart to transport wood or marble etc. etc. the goods do not appear on the platform at some fixes I have this version Game version 1.37.x
    Addon Download v2.1.2 – Ekeri tandem trailers

  5. Christer Wallgard

    I would really want to have this trailer and this mod

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