Eldorado Map free for 1.35

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Map Eldorado FREE updated to 1.35! Made only compatibility fixes!

Elvis Felix


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8 thoughts on “Eldorado Map free for 1.35

  1. BuzzShooter

    Do i Need All DLCs?

    1. utkarsh singh

      i think so no

  2. Sorry ich lad den nicht bei mediafire viel zu langsam 3 stunden gehts noch

    1. Schlechter PC?
      Hat bei mir 3 Minuten gedauert.

  3. crashingbill

    Sorry, but COMPLETELY empty map showing “nothing, nada, nikske”; very REAL ####; go play with your elvis, Felix.

  4. Pretty cool and interesting map despite is a little bit small

    hey guys, this map is standalone, so, you need to create a new profile to make it work(read the instructions):
    1) go to create new profile screen
    2) on top left, click to enter in mods screen for enable the map mod
    3) when back to the profile screen, before click ok button, change the europe.mdb to eldorado.mdb

    1. çok teşekkür ediyorum kaç saattir yapmaya çalışıyorum

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