Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE v 1.6.5 for 1.24

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We’re back updating the map Eldorado Rodobrasil with new roads, moreover also brought some new businesses, such as the distribution company orders, post office.
Now it will also be possible to deliver on works and make deliveries of fuel in petrol stations the service of Ipiranga!
How about handing in the works? Yes you can.

-Added New cities:
* Vila Nova Registro;
* Vila Alvorada;
* Centro Registro;
* Jardim Hatori;
* Fazenda Rodobrasil.

-Added New trailers:
* Bulk Trailer by Lucas Santana;
* Chest Trailer by Lucas Santana;
* Trailer Bucket by Macouly;
* Tank Trailer Ipiranga by TIRAFINA / MUNDOETS2

-Added New companies:
* Agency and distributor of Posts;
* Loading and unloading of fuel at gas stations;
* Eldorado buildings.

-Open The link;
-role The page to find the link to download the version 1.6.5 of Eldorado Rodobrasil FREE map;
-Make Download;
-Make Extracting file “Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE.rar” for your folder “mods”
-Active The map mods manager;

Attention: If you still use the previous version of Map Eldorado, remove it along with the fix that was used and keep active only this again!

Map 100% compatible with 1:24 and with some other maps!

Come, join family Eldorado and enjoy!

Author: elvisfelix


11 Responses to Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE v 1.6.5 for 1.24

  1. leonardo says:

    Caminhão daf!está dando bug na lanterna de freios a de ré e as do reboque tambem está com baixa luminosidade nas lanternas não está refletindo corrigindo isso fica tudo certo, parabens pelo mapa

  2. hajluk says:

    This Mod Truck Sim Map v6.3.1 with working or not working??

  3. spartacus33 says:

    “… Map 100% compatible with 1:24 and with some other maps! …”

    I think yes…. but i wait same as you an answer…. i play with TSM 6.3.1 to

  4. spartacus33 says:

    But coast 30$ to buy it !!!

  5. spartacus33 says:

    Exactly !!!

  6. lohs says:

    This map sucks

  7. Anonim1 says:

    That’s great. I used it with PJ indo map 1.8, calais dover brigde. And work well, but -_____-
    When entering the city, I’ve got hard lag, I don’t know what’s the problem but I just hope you can fix it’s. Anyway thanks for this map mod 😀

  8. raj says:

    hii can u give me some other link coz my internet provider have bloced mega.nz sites can u give me sharemods link plz

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