Eldorado Map v1.3


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Hello everybody, I am pleased to share the new version of Eldorado map to Euro Truck Simulator 2.

See what has changed in this new version:

-including 4 new places:

.Bugs Visible on the map.
.Gate Closed in companies.
.Company without logo.

How to install:
1- Download the map in the link below.
2-Extract the file with 7-zip file manager.
3-Copy the file “Eldorado Map v1.3.scs” for your euro truck simulator mod folder 2.
4- Create a new profile
5-Change the game mode “europe.mdb” to “map.mdb”
6-Good game!

Note: If you already played on the map, there is the need to create a new profile, just edit your profile, disabling the previous version of the map and activating the new.

-Theosz Of Scs forum for bug review.
-AnimadoMP By prefabs.
-Genilson Silva, Amorim Elvis, Nielsen Oliveira and Wesley de Souza for the support and dissemination.

If you like our work and would like to follow, just enjoy our facebook page: www.facebook.com/map.eldorado



7 Responses to Eldorado Map v1.3

    • Ats says:

      I think your comment might violate the “Commenting Rules”. Just saying.

  1. Paulo Costa says:

    Parabéns !!!! elvisfelix. Acompanho teu trabalho dez de a primeira versão e a cada atualização gosto mais ainda deste Mapa, Seus reboques também estão muito maneiro. Outra coisa que eu me amarro é a primeira garagem, muto maneira ela. Um abração e continue neste caminho.

  2. WobblyCaptain says:

    Cool will update to this updated version thank you 🙂

  3. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here is a couple of deliveries completed with the map…..

    Pinheiros to Abobral 226km run

    Sidow to Bulha 568km run
    (Did some exploring also)
    (And Having some Fun)

  4. WobblyCaptain says:

    Nice little stand alone map shame its not a bit bigger but neither the less a great little map.

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