Eldorado Map v1.4


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Hello everyone, after a while without updates I hereby present to you the new version of Eldorado map, which now has a new city hub, the city of Jacupiranga containing four neighborhoods including the city center, linking deliveries to the neighborhoods the town of Eldorado. One new feature is the possibility to deliver at gas stations, making the map even more diverse. Get ready for new adventures, challenges, and to meet new scenarios in the new version Map Eldorado compatible with the version 1.18 of the game.

-Make The download.
-Unzip the file “Eldorado Map v1.4.7z” with 7-zip application.
-Copy the extracted file “Eldorado map v1.4.scs” for your mod folder.
-Open The game.
-Start A new save.
-Select Mod Eldorado map v1.4.
-Change The game mode to “map.mdb”.
-Apply and Enjoy.

***changelog version 1.4***

Added places:
-City Jacupiranga
-Neighborhood Padre Andre II
-Neighborhood Barro Branco
-Neighborhood Fazenda Riachão

-Added Support for version 1.18 of the game.
-Modified Roads for the Brazilian profile, with yellow bands.
-Fixed Bugs on the map where you could see holes in the ground.
-Added Repair services for the truck in gas stations.
-Added Delivery charges in gas stations.
-Modified To map the terrain texture.
-Modified Vegetation in much of the map.
-Added Signaling in new parts of the map.
-Modified The entrance to the town of Eldorado.
-Fixed minor bugs the map.

-Genilson Silva, Amorim Elvis, Nielsen Oliveira and Wesley de Souza for the support and dissemination.

If you like our work and would like to follow, just enjoy our facebook page: www.facebook.com/map.eldorado



16 thoughts on “Eldorado Map v1.4

  1. Wow Fantastic map.
    Thank you.

  2. WobblyCaptain

    Loved the last one downloading now

  3. désolé mais le jeux plante dès le début

  4. The map is not working…it is crashing from start….and I have no mod installed. I done all instruction and it is not working…to bad !

    1. elvisfelix

      you need as dlc’s going east and scandinavia

  5. this map need still a LOT of work!!!!!matter of textures and so on.

    1. elvisfelix

      I’m actually working on fixing bugs, thanks for opnion.

  6. It is not working

  7. IloinenUkkeli

    I get only normal map and some new cities. Is it ok?

    1. elvisfelix

      when creating a new profile you should change the “game mode” from europe to map.mdb

  8. I can’t start the profile, it’s telling me “error loading save”

    1. elvisfelix

      you need to create a new profile, select the mod and change the “game mode” of Europe to map.mdb

      1. It’s working now, I was using 1.17 and now I have 1.18.

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