Eldorado Rodobrasil Map v 1.6.2

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Download now the map Eldorado Rodobrasil FREE to Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.23 and have fun with beautifull and dangerous roads, this new version has added a new city that was present only in the PRO version, the city of Sete Barras.

– Added A new city: Sete Barras
– Fixed Bugs
– Added Support for ETS2 1.23

How to install:
– Make Download the link provided on the official blog of Eldorado Rodobrasil map
– Copy the file “Eldorado Map Rodobrasil FREE.scs” for your mods folder
– Enable The map
– Have a good time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Note: Keep the original download link, thank you!

Author: elvisfelix


16 thoughts on “Eldorado Rodobrasil Map v 1.6.2

  1. Quent1_Fr

    Compatible with others maps ? Promod ? EAA ?

    1. elvisfelix

      yes it is to operate normally with other maps, until 1.22 was compatible with all of these maps that you mentioned probably also work now!

  2. It supports tsm map, with versions 1.22 and DLC – Going East because I tried it and I like steam game and pulls mistake to stop working.

  3. I tried having only installed dlc scandinavia going east, but when instaladar the mod me empiza to load the game and there I would strip off and the error is: I steam stopped working and the version that I have installed is: v1. 22.2.4s, not that it does not work that map and looks very good, I wanted to play a map involving, Chile, Argentina, peru, Colombia, Bolivia, is a tall order, jajajajaja, thanks for answering my same comment elvisfelix.

    1. elvisfelix

      Hello, this map only works on 1.23, thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. It’s a good looking map nd fun to play,I tried it with promods 2.01 but it crashes but with Russian map,PJ map,TSM,EAA 3.1 & MHA works fine,can you be able to make it capable with p romods or is there a specific load order that I should follow.


    1. elvisfelix

      Try leaving the priority of other maps on top and let my map for last! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Prometheus

        Looking over your maps – appears to be many good – it would be good to dedicate also to make maps for the ATS, as a few are dedicated to making them. There are actually only two fronts. Mexuscan, who works on the entire west coast of the USA creating extensions to Mexico and Canada, very good by the way and another Coast US Coast despite create Coast highways the US coast is full of bugs and crashes making it virtually impossible to finish a trip when it takes this road map. As your maps are very good, why not develop an extension of highways to the ATS also

        1. elvisfelix

          Well, even I tried, but the bases of the two games are very different there was the possibility of porting the map to the ATS. Perhaps in the near future create a map to the ATS. : D

  5. Oka, if one day can achieve create a map as you would mensione above bakan or make another map with bad and dangerous roads would be good, obviously your imagination.

    1. elvisfelix

      Ok, thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. John Fazackerley

    This map is brilliant the differant road surfaces and hill climbs make the game more realistic .you should get in touch with scs my friend they could learn a lot from your skills

  7. Abdi Pranoto

    hey, big thanks for this map.
    but i got a little problem.
    i have 1.23 game version, and sometimes i got game crash….

  8. Mr Larrington

    Anyone got this to work with ETS2 v1.23 / TSM v6.2 / Fix-TSM-6.2-1.23? I just geta CTD no matter where I put it in the load order…

  9. legalll top de mas

  10. Mathias Borgli


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