Engine 10000 HP for All Trucks

Engine 10000 HP For all Trucks
Worked version: 1.30xx

credit: Peeraboon

Thank you for download

Peeraboon and Skyrim


6 Responses to Engine 10000 HP for All Trucks

  1. HN says:

    Why keep making these ###### and unrealistic mods?

  2. papaghostPT says:

    this is the real deal why only 10000hp i thing its not enough I swear I do not understand the reason for making a mod of this. this a truck simulator not a racing game lol

  3. Mike says:

    only for kids

  4. JoachimK says:

    This is not the only ###### Mod here.
    Now a Lot of Peoples makes useless or kiddy Mods.

  5. Philip_Jay_Fry says:

    woha nice

  6. LeZaSh says:

    an engine with 10,000 hp would be bigger than the truck….unrealistic #### !!!!

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