Engine mod for Volvo B12BTX


real transmission and engines from volvo site

Volvo B12B Data Sheet.pdf

4 new engines:
all engines have its torque_curve from data sheet

3 new transmission:
VOLVO I-Shift 12 dr_2.64
VOLVO I-Shift 12 dr_2.85
ZF Ecomat IV 6HP-604

best configuration
DH12E-340 + ZF Ecomat IV 6HP-604
DH12E-380 + ZF Ecomat IV 6HP-604
DH12E-420 + VOLVO I-Shift 12 dr_2.64
DH12E-460 + VOLVO I-Shift 12 dr_2.85

Other cnanges:

1.clear log
2.full unlock parts for 0 level cost 96 000$
mass set to real (19ton)

kerb_weight[0]: 8000.1
kerb_weight[1]: 9000.1

suspension travel

residual_travel[]: 0.35 # 1st axle
residual_travel[]: 0.25 # 2nd axle

4.new sound from odd_felow volvo fh16
5.add 3 truck company configuration

Authors: Zhuk, odd_felow and Mahyar.Gh – SHOOFER – Nice2000 – RezaHNA – GHOST GT – ariaei group pc


6 Responses to Engine mod for Volvo B12BTX

  1. Zhuk says:

    higher priority than the main mod.

  2. goktugmen says:

    is it working with 1.24 now?

  3. zbyszek300 says:

    Passenger is a mod where.

    • Zhuk says:

      its addon for base mod . search for name Volvo B12BTX in this site

  4. anders says:

    Perfect sound for the best ets2 bus mod around..any update on the mod itself soon?

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