Engine Pack for Scania S 2017

OLSF Engine Pack for Scania S 2017 – Requires ETS2 1.30.xx or above

L4 250 HP – 1.400 Nm 0-2500 rpm
L4 350 HP – 1.750 Nm 0-2500 rpm
V6 600 HP – 3.000 Nm 0-2500 rpm
V8 900 HP – 4.250 Nm 0-2500 rpm
V8 1200 HP – 5.500 Nm 0-2670 rpm
V12 1800 HP – 8.500 Nm 0-2670 rpm

Perfectly engineered engines, great performance and excellent fuel economy.



6 thoughts on “Engine Pack for Scania S 2017

  1. I´ve also tested this Engine-Pack.
    As all others it does not work with the Scania 2016 R+S.

    I think, Engine-Manipulation works not yet. 😉

  2. I have tested the mod and it works well in the new Scania S. Please update it to be able to use it on all trucks!

  3. káposzta123

    Unrealistic and useless piece of sh*t…

  4. not realistic at all plus the 730 can pull everything in the game so why would you want 1800? …..they should have a category for pointless mods for muppets on every site 🙂

  5. why no sound??

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