Engine tuning bonus (fix)

Engine Tuning Bonus (1) Engine Tuning Bonus (2) Engine Tuning Bonus (3)

fix info : Scania.r engine sound crach fix

– Add all the trucks 1000 hp, 1500 hp, 2000 hp
(Mercedes Actros 2014, Scania Streamline not)
– Realistic engine, the name of each truck
– Engine horsepower
1000hp: 746kw, torque: 4800, lv unlock: 10
1500hp: 1119kw, torque: 7200, lv unlock: 15
2000hp: 1492kw, torque: 9600, lv unlock: 20

Tested Version

SCS, akimsign


2 Responses to Engine tuning bonus (fix)

  1. Rahmad says:

    why if every time I use the engine 1500 – 2000 hp at scania type R always crash , why ? I ‘ve tried deleting another mod , but still the same? the version I use is , whether it really matter? if it does not match the version I am using?

    • kimsign says:


      It was updated to the new version.
      Wait a release.

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