Escort Mercedes Benz Sprinter CAT – DLC Special Transport

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Mod changes the original DLC escort vehicle and replaces it with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Caterpillar

Please do not re-upload the file
Because it harms our work
If you edit keep the credits
I hope you like the mod and good game
Drive carefully! Good trip

Rafael Costa, Edson Teles and Nportegies


4 Responses to Escort Mercedes Benz Sprinter CAT – DLC Special Transport

  1. Justen idea says:

    These skin ideas for DLC Special Transport are good, but I run the non steam version of ets2, so no download for me…. no DLC for the non steamers…. same with Viva La France ….. Italy .., steam DLC’s need to be available for all, payment for DLC’s isn’t a problem, just cant get them for paid copies.. ? more DLC downloads = more coin for scs.. ?

  2. Mistraou says:

    @Justen idea

    I completely agree with you. This is low level business. I purchased ETS2 at the beginning (box) and since then this is not anymore possible. American Truck Simulator has never been available as DVD. And regularly we have to pay for DLCs (digital version only) and cannot imagine getting rid of Steam. This attitude isn’t fair and the risk is that copies of the game including 50 DLCs or more is available on the net.

  3. Benjamin Rushworth says:

    You can convert any box or online code to Steam, so you dont miss out on your DLC’s. Add your game code to Steam and it will work as a Steam Game.

  4. Marcel says:

    hallo warum gehen die beacons nicht beim begleitfahrzeug ??

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