Eskolaite Skin Pack v7


Preparing the Vive la France DLC with some french company skins.

Official topic for additional screenshots and comments:

– La Poste Colissimo (Trailer)
– La Poste So Colissimo (Trailer)
– Express Marée (Trailer)
– Frigo7 (Renault Premium and trailer)
– Hyper U Super U (Trailer)
– Les Déménageurs Bretons (Iveco Stralis and tandem)
– Norbert Dentressangle (Renault Premium, trailer and tandem)
– Rautureau (Mercedes Actros and trailer)
– TRM Transports René Madrias (Volvo FH16 and trailer)

– Alloin (Trailer and tandem)
– Antoine Distribution (Trailer and tandem)
– Bovis (Renault Magnum, trailer and tandem)
– Celsius (Trailer)
– Delanchy (Renault Premium and trailer)
– Desert (Scania R, Streamline and trailer)
– E.Leclerc (Trailer)
– Etoile Routière (Scania R, Streamline and trailer)
– Heppner (Trailer and tandem)
– Intermarché (Trailer)
– Jacky Perrenot (Iveco Hi-Way, trailer and tandem)
– Lanoë (Trailer)
– Le Calvez (Mercedes Actros and trailer)
– Le Guevel (Mercedes Actros, Volvo FH16, trailer and tandem)
– Prodhomme (DAF XF Euro 6, XF 105 and trailer)
– RAVE (Renault Premium, trailer and tandem)
– Rouxel (Mercedes Actros, Renault Premium and trailer)
– Sanders (Scania R, Streamline and trailer)
– Sarrazain (Renault Premium, trailer and tandem)
– Sitrans (Renault Premium, Renault Magnum, trailer and tandem)
– Staf (Scania R, Streamline, Renault Premium, trailer and tandem)
– Stef (Trailer)
– STG (Volvo FH and trailer)
– Transalliance (MAN TGX, trailer and tandem)

– Vanilla: SCS, ETS2Studio, MDModding
– Tandem: SCS, Flemming V



4 thoughts on “Eskolaite Skin Pack v7

  1. No File

    1. eskolaite

      Works for me.

  2. Kevin Calan

    Skin works with rjl Scania and other truck mods??

    1. eskolaite

      For now it is only for default SCS trucks. I might consider releasing some skins for Ohaha Volvo and RJL Scania as it is quite popular indeed.

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