ESM Map Alpha by IvanGF14


Standalone map of Spain
Map like real life as possible considering the scale
3 cities: Cadiz, San Fernando and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
IvanGF14: Map
Bluemodels: New models
FLD: New prefabs and models
Jazzycat: New companies

IvanGF14, FLD, Jazzycat, Bluemodels


51 thoughts on “ESM Map Alpha by IvanGF14

  1. Link of video ?

  2. cristakey

    The pictures are amazing. I downloaded it. What graphic mod do you use?

    1. Hi, I use Lautus 5 🙂

  3. What other map is it compatible with or is it standalone?

    1. if you would read the description(which is rare to be there in the first place) you would see that the first word is standalone

  4. solaris36

    Qué arte tiene niño!!!! 🙂

    1. Gracias hombre! jajajajaj

  5. boroda-kazan

    Ссылку обновите а…. Недоступно для скачивания.

    1. Write in English. Im not Russian.

      1. boroda-kazan

        no rocks! Update link!

  6. mauricec7 (dutch map maker)

    why you steal a matrix board?

  7. boroda-kazan

    Author you do not understand Russian, you do not understand English. Can you update the link? You can not download!

  8. mauricec7 (dutch map maker)

    you just get that matrix board. This really can not. steal. I’m going to sue

  9. André Santos

    looks good … Let’s try … Thanks

  10. Forser188

    Wait a minute.. These matrix signs are stolen from The Dutch map mod!

    1. mauricec7 (dutch map maker)

      I am the creator

      1. Nico (ProMods)

        Don’t want to be a nitpick but I am the actual creator and it’s under my personal license.

        I gave the model to the Dutch map mod. Not sure how this creator got hands on it.

  11. boroda-kazan

    Я не понимаю как вы на нем играете, если его нельзя скачать!

    1. AlexCrazy

      драйвер ruki.sys поправь
      всё качается и работает

  12. André Santos

    “File damaged or corrupted”

  13. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. videos uploaded……

    Just a run through with some quick jobs to give an idea what the map looks like. Using mostly camera #2 view which accounts for some poor driving:-)

  14. André Santos

    Please, put a new link… Thanks…

  15. These matrix signs are stolen from The Dutch map mod!

  16. Link works perfect. For unpack you must use Winrar 5

    1. mauricec7 (dutch map maker)

      why delete your my comment. i am serious

      1. I dont delete any coment 😉

        1. mauricec7 (dutch map maker)

          why you steal our models

    2. boroda-kazan

      Google Chrome can not download from this link !!! Dumb you ….

      1. NotTheOnlyOne

        Yes it can. I just downloaded the file with Google Chrome and it worked perfectly, like it should because Mega was basically designed around Chrome.

      2. I tryed to download by Chrome and the link works perfect. Try other explorer…

  17. Thanks for the mod, will try it. DL works perfect. And thanks for the hint with Lautus 5, I haven’t seen it, will also test it 😉

  18. Bharath BS

    A great map! Can’t wait to try it out. Please continue working on the map.

    1. Thanks you! 😀

  19. Is it 4 1.14 version?

  20. Klopt het dat er een wachtwoord op zit,want kan niet uitpakken.

  21. Dont work on version 1.14.2s !

    1. Map works perfect in 1.14 Select the module espana.mbd when you create a new profile.

  22. work with tsm map ?

    1. No. If you read the description, the first word you can see is Standalone

  23. Author upload your map to another resource, provided you share the link broken

  24. André Santos

    Ok dude, i’ll try again. i really like of this map. Keep work. Thanks.

  25. BanditGamingHD

    work fine on v1.14.x video —

    1. Thanks you for the video! 🙂

  26. nice map and please convert old files and keep up map building

  27. keep it up..Will u like to expand it to whole S

    1. In my whislist, are all Spain, Portugal and Marroco for the moment. In the future, i will add shout France and Andorra.

  28. why after i finish download this map..he said..
    The archive is either in unknown format or damaged??
    can u explain for me??

    1. Use winrar 5 to unpack.

  29. Olá IvanGF14 tudo bem, estou com um problema com o mod,Usei o Winrar5 e abriu normal instalei na pasta mod do ets2 ok abriu o jogo, criei Novo perfil selecionei o mod ok, o Mod abre mas quando aparece o mapa nao tem nenhuma cidade para selecionar o que pode ser tem algum macete para abrir se puder me ajudar fico grato e Parabens por compartilhar esse mod com todos obrigado abraço.

    1. Have you selected the module “espana.mbd” when you are creating a new game?

  30. no updating

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