ESmap – v.0.1.


Map Of Belarus.
The city of Brest and Kobrin.
4 companies and 2 living – volvo and daf.
To be continued.
Stable version 1.9,1.10.18 and 1.11.1



13 thoughts on “ESmap – v.0.1.

  1. More info please :
    -start new game ?
    -need DLC ?
    -compatible with TSM Map ?
    -compatible with Pro Mods ?
    – ect. ect. ??????????
    -more road info ?
    -picture of map ?

  2. adi2003de

    so we think 5 seconds …

    if you don´t have the dlc .. how can you drive from germany to belarus ?
    compatible with no map .. no map is with other maps compatible otherwise you finished it in one mod !

  3. byVolkeeer

    to start the game from the start
    read more in the archive
    the card has only recently begun to be developed so that made little,little by little it increases

  4. Maou_sama

    More info please

  5. Is it a standalone map like the Hungary map?

  6. At least I would like to see a picture of the map so fat…

  7. Николай

    Карта планирует рассширения?Если,да,то в каких направлениях.И это будет только Белоруссия или Россия и Украина тоже присоедениться?

  8. Arrgghh!Stop with the numb-nut questions ! It takes 5 minutes to download,another 10 to set up and get running with your favorite truck. Like he says, works fine, and like any other mod on display here,its under development. If you don’t like it, ditch it and stop f**king whining !!!


  10. Ha! Good one Willy, go play with it (-:

  11. @Doghouse Maybe you just better respect our opinions and questions and just keep busy with yourself…
    Please, just do your own thing and let us be…
    Thank you!

  12. beznadziejna mapa,gra się 5 minut i wyrzuca się bo jeździsz tylko do jednej firmy a droga trwa 4 minuty

  13. well i downloaded this map and game crash

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