Essentials Mod v 4.5


Updates 4.5:
1. Removed real tires logo mod as it is not compatible with this update.
2. Updated files that were affected by updates 1.20-1.22.
3. Added icons for mod manager.

Authors: lonestranger, Yusuf Bolukbasi, LT-Schall, ND4SPD Racer

DOWNLOAD 21 MB [Sharemods]

3 thoughts on “Essentials Mod v 4.5

  1. Mike Rules

    What does this mod contain ?

    1. Hello Mike, i thought this:
      Game fixes (EssentialsGameFixes.scs), essential fixes:
      AI fixes:
      1. Added all trailer types to traffic.
      2. Added all trailer look variants to the traffic trailers.
      3. Traffic vehicles that are not set to appear in a specific country will still appear rarely.
      4. Adjusted maximum speed of various AI vehicles to more realistic values.
      5. Adjusted engine torque of various AI trucks to more realistic values.

      Dealer fixes:
      1. Various fixes to the definition files of the trucks offered by the dealer.
      2. Adjusted stock exhaust pipe price of Iveco Stralis Hi-Way to match the Iveco Stralis.
      3. Adjusted bubbles paintjob price of Scania Streamline to match the other trucks.
      4. Customisation parts are limited to the correct configuration (V8 sideskirts/interior, Volvo roof decals will only be available with the correct engine/cab combination).

      Truck fixes:
      1. Various fixes to the definition files of the first and quick job trucks.
      2. Corrected cabin names of the Iveco Stralis and the Renault Magnum.
      3. Corrected gearbox names for the Iveco Stralis, MAN TGX and Renault trucks.
      4. Mercedes-Benz Actros engine names corrected (no longer using the 18xx chassis format).
      5. MAN LHD dashboard “30” and “50” KPH readings do not disappear at night.
      6. Fixed the “400” badge texture of the MAN.
      7. DAF XF stock left exhaust does not conflict with the right exhaust.
      8. 4×2 Iveco Stralis Hi-Way sideskirt can now be removed.
      9. Fixed Iveco Stralis Hi-Way naming problem. It no longer shows up as the Iveco Hi-Way Hi-Way at driver manager.
      10. DC16 V8 engines are also offered for the Scania Streamline normal cab.
      11. DAF XF Euro 6 sunshield can now be removed.
      12. The type of headlamps (halogen or xenon) is made dependent on the cab type, and not whether you have purchased a truck with halogen or xenon headlamps from the truck dealer.
      13. Realistic reverse gear ratios for the ZF AS Tronic (DAF, Iveco, MAN), Mercedes and Renault/Volvo gearboxes.

      Real logos (EssentialsRealLogos.scs), adds real logos to the game:
      1. Adds real logos to various AI vehicles.
      2. Changes Trailmaster, Elemental and Runner tires into Bridgestone, Continental and Goodyear tires respectively.
      3. Changes Crown trailer liveries to Krone.
      4. Changes Schmied BigCargo trailer logos to Schmitz Cargobull.
      5. Changes Scout Cars to Škoda Auto.
      6. Real Gas Stations.
      7. Real logos for heavy duty equipment.
      8. Changes trailer names of Digger 500 and Digger 1000 to Digger 422E and Digger 938G respectively.

      All from SCS Forum, hope it helps.
      Greetings Kaleu57

  2. RacingFede

    Trucks still overpowered.

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