ETS 2 – 1.32 Finished Save Game Profile

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Play with Euro Truck Simulator 2’s best profile! You don’t have any map DLC’s or you have all map DLC’s, it doesn’t matter! This profile compatible all map DLC’s! Only download and start play with your map DLC’s!

● Compatible with 1.32 update.
● New Germany roads discovered.
● Compatible with all map DLC’s and you can play without any map DLC.
● All map %100 discovered, all garages bought, all drivers bought.
● Profile level 54.
● Profile money 77.293.600 Euro.
● Any mod and cheat didn’t use in this profile.

Setup: Send to Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles folder to RAR.



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16 thoughts on “ETS 2 – 1.32 Finished Save Game Profile

  1. Trevor Wilson

    Profile has compatibility issues in game save please correct and upload again

    1. There isn’t any problem, what do you talking about?

  2. ysy770724977

    God-like teammates! Well done UşaklıTM

  3. Bad! Mod for Kiddys!

    1. What is your problem?

  4. it works great …
    BILAL is not new to me … I already have another profile with the same name LOL
    what a strange coincidence….

  5. Dosen’t work for me, says that I don’t have the right update to play with this save 🙁

    1. hi Albert
      save game it works ! my version is:

  6. witam czy zrobil by ktos save z mapy fikcyjna wielkopolska v0.8 lub v0.7

  7. It says archive is damaged or in wrong format. Cant extract via WinRar

  8. works great for truckersmp

  9. The map is in %70.

  10. Octavian101

    Awesome profile, works fine!
    Thank you Uşaklı™

  11. Peterbilt281

    Do You Have “Beyond The Baltic Sea” 100% Explored Save?

  12. Peterbilt281

    It’s 100% Explored For Version 1.32 With Italia, Scandinavia, Going East! & Vive La France!

    It’s ~80% Explored For Version 1.33 With Italia, Scandinavia, Going East!, Vive La France! & The New “Beyond The Baltic Sea”.

    It Works Perfectly!
    All The Thanks To Uşaklı For Sharing This Amazing Piece Of Gold.

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