ETS 2 1:3 Güney Marmara Map v1.1 [1.40]

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Marmara Region, is one of Turkey’s seven geographical regions. This map mode covers the Southern part of the Marmara Region in 1:3 scale.

Cities and Regions

✓ Ambarlı Port

✓ Gebze

✓ Yalova

✓ Altınova

✓ Orhangazi

✓ Gemlik

Ferry Lines

✓ Ambarlı-Yalova and

✓ Ambarlı-Topçular

✓ Eskihisar-Topçular

Existing Highways

✓ D575

✓ O_4

✓ O_5

✓ D100

Other Details

✓ One-way 870 kilometers

✓ Many new models and traffic signs

✓ 5 bus stations suitable for real

✓ Osmangazi Bridge


✓ Required DLCs: Scandinavia, Going East, Vive la France, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to the Black Sea

✓ Compatible Game Version: 1.40.x

✓ Currently not compatible with other map mods.

Kerem Arda, The.Yigido68, ONURKULL, Emincan Yüksel, Artin Kazancı


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    Kim yaptiysa eline koluna saglik gercekten muhtesem otesi

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